What does a CBC with differential blood test show?

A CBC test measures the total number of white cells in your blood. A different test called a CBC with differential measures the number of each type of these white blood cells. Platelets, which stop bleeding by helping your blood to clot.

What does CBC with and without differential mean?

A CBC measures, counts, evaluates and studies many aspects of your blood: CBC without differential counts the total number of white blood cells. CBC with differential. There are five kinds of white blood cells. The differential looks at how many of each kind of white blood cell you have.

What are normal CBC with differential values?

CBC with Differential

Differential Cell Number Normal Value (%)
Neutrophils: 6300 40-60
Lymphocytes: 4100 20-40
Monocytes: 1800 4-8
Eosinophils: 250 1-3

What diseases can be diagnosed with a CBC?

These are some of the health problems that can be identified by a CBC:

  • anemia (low iron)
  • autoimmune disorders.
  • bone marrow problems.
  • cancer.
  • dehydration.
  • heart disease.
  • infection.
  • inflammation.

Do I need to fast for CBC with differential blood test?

You Do Not Need to Fast for a CBC Blood Test Although for a CBC blood test fasting is not required, it is a requirement for other common tests. These include fasting blood glucose and iron level blood tests. These require you to fast for 12 hours before taking the test.

What can a CBC tell you about your health?

A complete blood count (CBC) is a blood test used to evaluate your overall health and detect a wide range of disorders, including anemia, infection and leukemia. A complete blood count test measures several components and features of your blood, including: Red blood cells, which carry oxygen.

Does CBC blood test show heart problems?

One of the best tests that can evaluategeneral functioning of the body, the functioning of heart (the most important human organ) and give clue to onset of diseases in the body is CBC (Complete Blood Count)Test.

Does a normal CBC mean I am healthy?

CBC Results If your results are inside the reference range, they’re considered normal. If your results are higher or lower than the reference range, they’re abnormal. Mild anemia is one of the most common reasons your results might be off. Each lab has different ways of studying your blood.

Does lack of sleep affect blood test results?

Hello dear user proper sleep is always good for health, it can not change your report of blood.