What does 5 and 9 mean in ham radio?

For example, a signal of “5 9” means that the phone signal is Readability 5, and Strength 9; a perfectly readable and extremely strong signal. The term “S-9” is also used to report a Strength 9 for an extremely strong signal.

What does reading you 5 by 5 mean?

Informal terminology and slang The phrase “five by five” can be used informally to mean “good signal strength” or “loud and clear”.

What scale represents a perfectly readable signal but weak in strength?

A “1” is unreadable….a “5” is perfectly readable. S – Strength- On a scale of 1 to 9, indicates how strong your stations signal is. A “1” is a very faint signal. A “9” is an extremely strong signal.

What is my signal and readability means?

A readability and signal strength report is a standardized numerical report format for reporting to another radio station the strength radio signal and the readability (quality) of the voice of their transmission as received at your location and by your radio station equipment.

What does 59 mean in ham?

Variations. An example RST report for a voice transmission is “59”, usually pronounced “five nine” or “five by nine”, a report that indicates a perfectly readable and very strong signal.

What does 5X5 mean in the military?

I understand you perfectly
The term 5X5 is rooted in the communications within military forces through WWII to mean “I understand you perfectly.” The first number represented the Signal Strength of a radio communication, and the second number represented the signal clarity on a scale from 1-5 — 1 being the worst; 5 being the best.

What does in the pipe 5X5 mean?

“In the pipe, five by five” means that everything is going along fine and that you are on track to achieve your goal in the time frame set for you. It was used in James Cameron’s “Aliens” by Collete Hiller’s character, Ferro, the female pilot of the dropship. What is this?

Can Hear You 5X5?

“Five by five” (occasionally written “‘5 by 5”, “five-by-five”, “5 × 5”, “5-by-5” or even just “Fives”), by extension, has come to mean “I understand you perfectly” in situations other than radio communication.

What does 10-4 mean on a walkie talkie?

Message received
10-4 = Message received. 10-5 = Relay message to ___ 10-6 = Busy, please stand by. 10-7 = Out of service, leaving the air. 10-8 = In service, subject to call.

What does running barefoot mean in ham radio?

In Ham-speak, the word “barefoot” has nothing to do with going shoeless in the shack. It means transmitting without the aid of an amplifier.

What does QRZ stand for?

Who is calling me?
Amateur Radio “Q” signals

Sign Meaning
QRZ Who is calling me? You are being called by ___.
QSA What is the strength of my signals? The strength of your signals is ___ (1-Scarcely perceptible, 2-Weak, 3-Fairly Good, 4-Good, 5-Very Good.)
QSB Are my signals fading? Your signals are fading.