What do you put in a high school scrapbook?

Scrapbook the Highlights Be realistic about how many pages you have time to complete. Think about the highlights of high school and cover those activities and events. I like to throw in a few pages of everyday memories as I go and then do some spreads for those big events like sports, dances and Prom.

What should I put in my scrapbook?

Scrapbooking is a unique, personal way to highlight your favorite memories….17 Creative Scrapbook Ideas for your Photos

  1. Use a Map for a Background.
  2. Cut Fun Photos into Shapes.
  3. Ditch the Glue.
  4. Add an Envelope for Bits and Bobs.
  5. Press Flowers for a Pop of Color.
  6. Two Words: Washi Tape.
  7. Embroider Your Journey.
  8. Use Paint Chips.

What are some popular scrapbooking themes?

Popular Themes

  • Anniversaries Scrapbook.
  • Baby Scrapbook.
  • Birthday Scrapbook.
  • Christmas Scrapbook.
  • Family Scrapbook.
  • Family Heritage Scrapbook.
  • Friendship Scrapbook.
  • Graduation Scrapbook.

What do you put in a senior scrapbook?

Additional Senior Scrapbook Ideas

  1. Who is your best friend at school? How long have you known each other?
  2. What clique are you a part of? How do the other students view your group?
  3. What do you and your friends like to do for fun?

How do you fill empty space in scrapbook?

8 Ways To Embellish And Decorate Your Layouts

  1. Using Journaling Cards as Embellishments.
  2. Using Handwriting as an Embellishment.
  3. Embellish with Stickers.
  4. Wood Veneers as an Embellishment.
  5. Embellish with Journaling Tags.
  6. Using 6 x 6 Paper Pads for Embellishing.
  7. Embellish with Sequins.
  8. Washi Tape as an Embellishment.

How do you start a scrapbook?

Basic Steps to Making a Scrapbook

  1. 1) Brainstorm on a Theme. Think about what you want your scrapbook to be about.
  2. 2) List of Stories to Tell.
  3. 3) Photo Selections.
  4. 4) Placement of Page Elements.
  5. 5) Crop, Mat & Adhere Your Photos.
  6. 6) Page Title.
  7. 7) Journaling.
  8. 8) Dressing Up with Embellishments.