What do you get when you collect all the stray Beads in Okami?

Ōkami String of Beads[edit] If you collect all of the 100 beads you will earn the String of Beads as a reward. This is an amazing Holy Artifact that grants Amaterasu invincibility, infinite Ink and 10x damage inflicting power.

Are there any missable stray Beads in Okami?

Check out the Okami Wiki Stray Beads page. Note: It has been brought to my attention that you can miss one Stray Bead, the first one in the game, inside River of the Heavens, when this area closes up. It is pretty hard to not get it though.

What do clovers do in Ōkami?

Clovers at the start of the game will only give Amaterasu about 5-10 Praise. However, the more she progresses in her journey, the more praise she gets. This is because Clovers further on need special Brush Techniques and items to reach them. A tough to reach Clover might even give out up to 50 Praise.

Does Okami HD Have New Game Plus?

Okami offers a New Game Plus feature, allowing the the player to go back and play through the game again with end-game weapons and stats.

Where is the Golden Mushroom in Okami?

Just inside the entrance of Moon Cave. Defeating the True Orochi.

Is there a sequel to Okami?

There was a follow-up to Okami in 2011 for the DS titled Okamiden. However, Hideki wasn’t involved in the project. It was directed by Kuniomi Matsushita, and according to the producer Motoshide Eshiro, it’s a “spiritual successor” not a direct sequel.

What carries over in NG+ Okami?

Items Carried Over Gold Dust. Weapons that had been dusted will remain dusted also. However, Merchants will not sell the player more Gold Dust if they already bought some from them in their previous play through. Holy Artifacts except the Fog Pot, Water Tablet, Thief’s Glove and the Fire Tablet.

What are the green lights in Okami?

Clovers are special plants that are found all over Nippon, they are found in the strangest places so Amaterasu must be diligent. She can spot one as a shaft of green light will shine on where they are, then they must be dug up.