What do you do with regolith?

Heated regolith can be collected and used to boil water into steam. It is not particularly effective, but will be enough to fuel the first Steam Rockets. If you construct steam chamber right under the rocket, it is even possible to recycle some of the exhaust heat.

How do you make sand without oxygen?

Renewable sources include:

  1. Recovering Salt from Salt Water Geyser or Cool Salt Slush Geyser.
  2. Cooling the magma from Volcano or Minor Volcano into Igneous Rock and crushing it into sand.
  3. Fullerene crafted at Molecular Forge can be crushed back into Graphite, effectively converting Sulfur and Aluminum into Sand.

Is sand renewable Oni?

Dirt, when overheated, turns into Sand. It can be harvested on rocket missions to renewable Space POIs: In Sandy Ore Fields at a rate of 162 – 486 kg per cycle.

Does sand have oxygen?

Even though water, carbon dioxide, and sand all contain oxygen, they do not contain oxygen in it gaseous state.

Can you pump magma Oni?

Magma can be pumped with a Liquid Pump by abusing their pumping range.

How do I get obsidian ONI?

Obsidian is a Mineral found in the Barren Biome and Volcanic Biome, and infrequently in the Frozen and Caustic biomes. Maps with any of the Boulders World Traits have Obsidian boulders scattered randomly outside the starting area. It is also found in small amounts blocking Geysers.

How do you make clay without oxygen?

Deodorizers produce Clay as a byproduct. 100 g/s Polluted Oxygen + 133.33 g/s Sand or Regolith = 90 g/s Oxygen + 143.33 g/s Clay.

How do you get dirt without oxygen?


  1. Dirt occurs naturally in the Temperate Biome and Forest Biome.
  2. Compost converts Polluted Dirt (and other compostables) into Dirt at 100% efficiency (but generates a significant amount of waste heat).
  3. Boiling Polluted Water into Steam will leave small amounts of Dirt behind (1% of mass).

What kind of sand makes glass?

Silica sand
Silica sand is the primary source of silicon dioxide that is essential in the manufacture of glass. To be suitable for producing glass, there must be a very high proportion of silica (above 95%) in the composition of the sand.

Can sand be used as a fire extinguisher?

Oil fires are resistant to water, but small fires can be effectively extinguished when the sand in the bucket is dumped on the fire to starve it of the oxygen it needs to stay alight.