What do we learn from Satish Gujral life?

Satish Gujral is a creative person and always ready to learn new things. If he becomes expert in one thing (painting), he changes his profession to learn new things for passion from starting. These type of person are not greedy for money. They basically do not repeat things.

What is the Colour of silence?

The absence of color is darkness. The fullness of color is pure light. Opaque hidden worlds fragment and burn when light is focused by fire.

Why did Satish hug his father?

Satish was unable to believe that his father, even after seeing him paint, was not angry with him. Answer: Satish expressed his love and gratitude to his father by hugging him which he did not usually do.

Which are the awards given to Satish Gujral?

Padma VibhushanSatish Gujral / AwardsThe Padma Vibhushan is the second-highest civilian award of the Republic of India, after the Bharat Ratna. Instituted on 2 January 1954, the award is given for “exceptional and distinguished service”. All persons without distinction of race, occupation, position or sex are eligible for these awards. Wikipedia

Is Satish Gujral a qualified architect?

Gujral was also an architect and his design of the Belgium Embassy in New Delhi was selected by the international forum of architects as one of the finest buildings built in the 20th century.

How did the bird in the garden change Satish life?

It had restless energy and to flight at any moment. He was attracted by the bird and sketched the bird from his memory. He liked his sketch, and kept beside his bed on the pile of books.

Who helped Satish learn reading?

7. How did Satish’s brother Inder try to help him? Ans;Satish’s brother Inder sat for hours with him and talked to hear him, teaching him words and pronunciation. He and his father spent time with him every day, talking to him trying to teach him things.

Why do you think Satish even avoided going to play with Neighbours?

Answer: Satish was a very sensitive and delicate boy. He had hesitation to talk to other children and had a fear that they would make fun of him for his disability (deafness). The children at a new school were new to him, So he didn’t want to join a new school.

What was the worst thing for Satish?

Answer: Satish was seriously ill, he felt that some huge weight was pressing upon his head making everything seem for away and silent. He felt helpless and upset and confined to bed. He couldn’t hear, so the si┬Člence was the worst thing for him.

How did Satish father help Satish?

After the accident, Satish had lost his ability to speak hence life became very tough for him. He was denied admission by many schools. But his father and brother helped him a lot in trying to regain his confidence.

What is the time period of Satish Gujral art?

The period of 1952 to 1974 saw Satish Gujral organizing solo shows all over the world. The shows featured his sculptures, paintings and graphics.

Is Satish Gujral deaf?

Gujral went to Australia to receive a cochlear implant so that he might hear again, something he had not experienced since a childhood illness left him deaf.