What dere is Ayato Sakamaki?

What’s your fave Dere type with characters from Diabolik lovers- Sakamaki ver. Isn’t Ayato an Oujidere? Ayato is oujidere.

Who is Ayato Sakamaki in love with?

Yui Komori
Yui Komori is the heroine of the game, anime, and manga of Diabolik Lovers. She is the love interest of the Sakamaki Brothers (Shu, Reiji, Laito, Ayato, Kanato, and Subaru), the Mukami Brothers (Ruki, Kou, Yuma, and Azusa), the Tsukinami Brothers (Carla and Shin) and Kino (the Sakamaki’s illegitimate brother).

What is Ayato Sakamaki afraid of?

He is afraid of bees.

Why is Ayato the oldest?

For the triplets themselves due to an old Japanese Tradition (which they use for the triplets in the game(s), it states the first born triplet (Laito in this case) would be the youngest and the last born would be the eldest (Ayato in this case) since they are all born on different days.

How did Diabolik Lovers end?

It’s revealed that Ayato, true on his words, has become the head vampire thanks to the power granted him by Yui’s demon blood (inherited from Cordelia, whose heart is still within her). While alone together, Ayato has Yui swear an oath that she will stay with him and only give her blood to him.

Who is the main villain in Diabolik Lovers?

Type of Villain Shū, along with his younger brother Reiji, are the sons of Beatrix, the second wife of Karlheinz, the king of vampires. He is voiced by Kōsuke Toriumi in the Diabolik Lovers games & japanese dub of the Diabolik Lovers anime & Ty Mahany in the english dub of the Diabolik Lovers anime.

What does Subaru Sakamaki like?

He’s a delinquent type, kind of violent and loves to damage things. He’s also a DO-S (extreme sadist), but despite all, can occasionally be sweet. His mother, Christa, described him as being gentle, even though she was the main reason for his horrible childhood and later for his lack of trust in females.

Who is the most popular character in Diabolik Lovers?

1st ー SAKAMAKI SHUU (2676 votes)

  • 2nd ー SAKAMAKI SUBARU (2539 votes)
  • 3rd ー SAKAMAKI KANATO (1797 votes)
  • 4th ー MUKAMI RUKI (1617 votes)
  • 5th ー SAKAMAKI AYATO (1590 votes)
  • 6th ー SAKAMAKI LAITO (1306 votes)
  • 7th ー MUKAMI YUMA (1304 votes)
  • 8th ー SAKAMAKI REIJI (1048 votes)
  • What happens in the end of Diabolik Lovers season 2?

    After the Mukami brothers were attacked by wolves, the Sakamaki brothers are attacked as well. They fight off the wolves despite their injuries. The Sakamaki brothers reach a conclusion that the Founders are behind the attacks and they’re after Yui Komori.