What degree is a Callaway lob wedge?

The final wedge is known as a lob wedge and will be the most lofted club in your bag. Coming in from between 58 and 62-degrees, as the name suggests they are used for very short approach shots where you need to send the ball up high in the air so that it drops and stops quickly on the green.

Does Callaway make a lob wedge?

The MD5 JAWS lob wedge from Callaway is an excellent performer in all areas.

What is the best degree lob wedge?

An ideal progression is for the pitching wedge to be 45 degrees, followed by a 50-degree gap wedge and complemented by 54- and 58-degree sand and lob wedges. 6. As always, get with your fitter to gain a better understanding of how your irons and wedges should work together.

What is a lob wedge good for?

A lob wedge, also known as a lofted wedge or an L-Wedge, is a wedge used in the sport of golf, known for being one of the shortest-hitting clubs and providing the most loft on a shot. Lob wedges are used to produce shots with a very high arc, and are most often used for shots over hazards and other obstructions.

Should high handicappers use a lob wedge?

The Lob Wedge Lob, or high, shots can save high handicappers strokes. High handicappers who have difficulty playing from tight, or bare, lies and who have a propensity for taking large divots should consider carrying a lob wedge in their bags. The lob wedge should have no more than 60 degrees of loft.

Is a lob wedge hard to hit?

Weekend players complain that lob wedges are difficult to hit. Please! If you simply accelerate through impact, a 60-degree wedge is just as easy to hit as a 55. Play the ball in the middle of your stance and go short backswing to long follow.

Which lob wedge has the most spin?

Highest Spinning Wedges: Best of the rest

  • PXG 0311 Forged: 10,057rpm.
  • Callaway Jaws MD5: 9,971rpm.
  • TaylorMade MG3: 9,910rpm.
  • Cleveland RTX Full Face: 9,884rpm.
  • Titleist Vokey Design SM8: 9,833rpm.
  • Honma T//World TR: 9,774rpm.
  • MacGregor V-Foil: 9,739rpm.
  • Bettinardi HLX 3.0: 9,422rpm.

Do I need a gap or lob wedge?

The rule of thumb is that a player should have four degrees of difference between wedges. For instance, a golfer with a pitching wedge lofted at 46 degrees should have a gap wedge of 50 degrees, a sand wedge at 54 degrees and a lob wedge of no less than 58 degrees.

Can I use a lob wedge in the sand?

Can I Use A Lob Wedge From The Sand? Most of the time, yes. Unless you specifically purchase a low bounce lob wedge, you might find that a decent number of LWs and SWs have a pretty comparable amount of bounce out of a sand trap (my SW and LW, for example, have identical bounce numbers).

What wedges are illegal in golf?

The rules affect clubs with lofts of 25 degrees or more and, therefore, affect wedges of all types. The rules ban clubs with “sharp-edged U-grooves,” according to the PGA Tour, in favor of “the V-groove designs used predominantly in the past.” The groove rules took effect on the PGA and LPGA tours on Jan. 1, 2010.