What are words for balance?


  • counterpoise,
  • equilibration,
  • equilibrium,
  • equipoise,
  • poise,
  • stasis.

What is the true meaning of balance?

1 : a steady position or condition The gymnast kept her balance. 2 : something left over : remainder He spent the balance of his allowance. 3 : an instrument for weighing. 4 : a state in which things occur in equal or proper amounts a balance of work and fun. 5 : the amount of money in a bank account.

What does it mean out of balance?

1 : not well proportioned : out of balance the plans are off-balance their military is off-balance. 2 : not standing, sitting, or resting in normal physical equilibrium caught off-balance and knocked down— Jack Dempsey.

What is balance explain it with example?

The definition of balance is the amount of something left over after additions and subtractions have been made. An example of balance is the money owed on taxes after all income has been calculated and deductions have been figured. noun.

What is word for balance in life?

An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. stability. equilibrium. steadiness. footing.

What symbols mean balance?

Symbols of Balance – A List

  • Eta.
  • Dagaz Rune.
  • Saille.
  • Number 2.
  • Jupiter.
  • Yin and Yang.
  • The Scales of Justice.
  • The Griffin.

How do you get balance in life?

Balancing Your Life

  1. Build healthy self-esteem. Self-esteem is more than just seeing your good qualities.
  2. Receive as well as give.
  3. Create positive parenting and family relationships.
  4. Make friends who count.
  5. Figure out your priorities.
  6. Get involved.
  7. Learn to manage stress effectively.
  8. Cope with changes that affect you.

Why do you need balance in life?

Maintaining a balanced life is becoming increasingly more important for your personal health and well-being in a fast-paced, modern world. Sustaining a balanced diet, alongside personal fitness, can help improve and stabilise overall health and wellbeing.

What is another word for off balance?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for off-balance, like: out-of-shape, lopsided, unsteady, uneven, off-track, on-balance, beta-pleated, Formerton and off-course.

How do you use balance in a sentence?

Use “balance” in a sentence | “balance” sentence examples

  1. A gust of wind knocked/threw her off balance and she fell.
  2. The child couldn’t keep his balance on his new bicycle.
  3. Riders need a good sense of balance.
  4. He lost his balance, staggered back against the rail and toppled over.

What are the two types of balance?

There are three different types of balance: symmetrical, asymmetrical and radial. The human figure in this diagram is symmetrically balanced; the same on the left and right sides of a central axis.

What is the best example for balance?

Examples of balance exercises include:

  • Standing with your weight on one leg and raising the other leg to the side or behind you.
  • Putting your heel right in front of your toe, like walking a tightrope.
  • Standing up and sitting down from a chair without using your hands.
  • Walking while alternating knee lifts with each step.