What are they saying in the Geordie Shore intro?

“You have brought me great joy and made me a lot of money over the years 😂 but it’s time for a new chapter,” she added, before giving a shoutout to Dr Hassan at Elite Surgical. Holly then hashtagged her iconic Geordie intro phrase: “I’m fake, I’m flirty and I’ve got double Fs.”

Is Jay Gardner still with Chloe?

Jay Gardner – Tanning expert In 2012, Jay quit the show to be with his then-girlfriend Chloe but returned for two series in 2013, before quitting again. He can still be seen flexing his muscles on Instagram and is determined to keep fit and healthy after a family tragedy.

Are Roxy and James still together?

James Tindale asked Roxy to be his girlfriend. But they struggled in the real world and split a month after the cameras stopped rolling.

Why did Sam Bentham leave Geordie Shore?

The radgie has kissed goodbye to his reality TV past. It’s not all glossy book deals and Celebrity Big Brother appearances for the Geordie Shore lot, with Sam Bentham deciding that he’d rather pursue the noble task of getting the nation’s hair looking as mint as possible.

Did Chloe and Kyle hook up?

“Me and Chloe did a tour together and everyone thought me and Chloe got really close, but no we didn’t. We did get really close, but we never really shagged or anything like that.”

Who has slept with who on Geordie Shore?

Holly, however, has done the opposite and has slept with Aaron, Scotty T, Kyle, Gaz AND obviously, James. Speaking of Aaron, as well as Holly, he hooked up with his now ex girlfriend, Marnie Simpson. Speaking of which, Marnie finishes on a fairly respectable two conquests during her time on the show; Aaron and Gaz.

Why did Kate and James split?

James famously quit the show in 2014 in order to concentrate on his relationship with Kate Thorne, which sadly didn’t work out. The TV star took a step back from the limelight and opened his own gym – Gym Unique. Geordie Shore: Ten Years On The Toon premieres Tuesday at 10pm on MTV and concludes June 1 .

What does Scotty t’do now?

Scott Timlin – ‘Scotty T’ He returned to screens in a recent series of MTV’s Just Tattoo of Us alongside Charlotte and has appeared on Geordie Shore for series 18 as boss Anna’s assistant, something he did again in series 19.

Why was Scotty T sacked Geordie Shore?

In January 2018 MTV bosses sacked Scotty from Geordie Shore after he was pictured snorting lines of cocaine, leading to him missing out on the chance to film another hit series in Australia.

Did Chloe actually sleep with Kyle in Australia?

About her and Kyle when they spent the two nights together.” Gaz added: “Chloe was banging Kyle the whole time we were together in Australia.” Holly, who began a relationship with Kyle in series nine of the show, said the revelation was like being ‘kicked in the stomach’.

Who’s been in Geordie Shore the longest?

One of Geordie Shore’s longest-serving cast members, Holly Hagan may have been slow to warm up in the house but swiftly became a favourite with fans. After appearing on the show and having romances with James Tindale, Scott Timlin and Kyle Christie, Holly departed the show in 2016.