What are the top 10 best schools in Egypt?

The Top 10 Schools in Cairo, Egypt – 2022 Ranking

  • 1CAC – Cairo American College.
  • 2MET – Metropolitan School.
  • 3DEO Kairo – Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule.
  • 4MBIS – Maadi British International School.
  • 5NCBIS – New Cairo British International School.
  • 6BISC – The British International School, Cairo.
  • 7MES – Modern English School.

What was the first international school in Egypt?

Salahaldin International School
Salahaldin International School (Turkish: Uluslararası Selahattin Okulu) is an international school in New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt since 2009. The school, which opened in May 2009, is the first international school in Egypt.

What is the best education system in Egypt?

Top 10 Schools in Egypt

  • Malvern College Egypt – MCE.
  • Metropolitan International School – MET.
  • The British International School, Cairo – BISC.
  • Cairo American College – CAC.
  • New Cairo British International School – NCBIS.
  • Maadi British International School – MBIS.
  • Modern English School Cairo – MES.

What is IG school in Egypt?

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (I.G.C.S.E.): The I.G.C.S.E. is an internationally recognized British system, designed to encourage high academic standards through a practical approach to teaching and learning. It is equivalent in standard to the Egyptian Thanaweya Aama.

Are there private schools in Egypt?

There are a few different types of private schools in Egypt. “Ordinary” private schools follow the national curriculum, like public schools. Since they’re funded by fees, these schools tend to have better facilities and better trained teachers.

How many international schools are in Egypt?

In addition, there are 7,000 private schools, which include religious schools, private language schools that teach the state curriculum in English, and some 100 international schools that teach foreign curricula (mainly British, U.S., German, and French).

Who is the owner of AIS?

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