What are the French speaking islands in the Indian Ocean?

The Republic of Mauritius, located off the east coast of Africa, is full of Indians who speak French.

Which islands are close to the French coast?

Here are nine French islands that are worthy destinations to explore:

  • Ushant, Brittany.
  • Île de Batz, Brittany.
  • Île de Bréhat, Brittany.
  • Belle Île en Mer, Morbihan.
  • Groix, Morbihan.
  • Île-aux-Moines, Brittany.
  • Île de Ré, Charente-Maritime.
  • Îles d’Hyères, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Which island in the Indian Ocean was known as Bourbon island?

island of Réunion
Official Flag of Reunion is the French tricolore. A virtual guide to the island of Réunion, an overseas department of France. The island, formerly known as Île Bourbon belongs to the Mascarene islands, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, 740 km (460 mi) east of Madagascar and 180 km (115 mi) south west of Mauritius.

What French regions are in the Indian Ocean?

These two regional organizations provide France and the Member States a framework for diversified regional dialogue and cooperation. For more than 30 years, the IOC has brought together the island States of the southwest Indian Ocean: the Comoros, Mauritius, the Seychelles and France (because of La Réunion).

Is Mauritius owned by France?

Mauritius and France dispute sovereignty over Tromelin as the Treaty of Paris failed to mention it specifically. Mauritius remained a primarily plantation-based colony of the United Kingdom until independence in 1968….Mauritius.

Republic of Mauritius République de Maurice (French) Repiblik Moris (Morisyen)
Internet TLD .mu

What island speaks French?

PAHO Countries and Centers: French-speaking Caribbean

Curaçao French Guiana
Guadeloupe Haiti
Martinique Sint Maarten

What is the small island off the coast of France?

Île d’Yeu is a small island off the coast of France near Nantes. The island has a rich fishing heritage, being the first tuna fishing port on the Atlantic coast – a role it maintains today.

What is the island off the southeast coast of France?

Oléron Island, French Île d’Oléron, island in the Bay of Biscay, forming part of the Charente-Maritime département, Poitou-Charentes région of France. It is located off the coast of France, south of La Rochelle and north of the Gironde Estuary. Oyster huts at Le Château-d’Oléron, Oléron Island, France.

Is Mauritius part of France?

Why is it called Reunion Island?

“Réunion” was the name given to the island in 1793 by a decree of the Convention with the fall of the House of Bourbon in France, and the name commemorates the union of revolutionaries from Marseille with the National Guard in Paris, which took place on August 10, 1792.

Are people of Martinique French citizens?

It is also an outermost region of the European Union. The inhabitants of Martinique are French citizens with full political and legal rights. Martinique sends four deputies to the French National Assembly and two senators to the French Senate.

Is Guadeloupe A French department?

Guadeloupe is a French overseas department, since the law of 19 March 1946. The department is divided into two districts (Basse-Terre and Pointe-à-Pitre), subdivided into 40 cantons and 32 communes (respectively, 17 cantons, 18 communes and 23 cantons, 14 communes).