What are the four missions of Tzu Chi?

Tzu Chi works in the missions of charity, medicine, education and humanitarian with the spirit of sincerity, integrity, trust and honesty.

What are the different practices of Tzu Chi Foundation?

Among the six – which are giving, precepts, forbearance, diligence, samadhi and wisdom – the first, the practice of giving, or generosity, is considered as the foundation as it focuses on benefiting others….The Practice of Giving

  • Giving material things.
  • Giving loving protection.
  • Giving loving understanding.

What is Tzu Chi values?

We are a group of dedicated, passionate educators who believe not only in bringing solid academic programs to students but also in teaching children important values such as gratitude, respect, kindness, and compassion through our character education program. The Tzu Chi Education Foundation was established in 2004.

What does the logo of the Tzu Chi Foundation symbolize?

The logo contains the pictures of Ship, Eight Petals and lotus fruit. The Ship on the logo represents that Tzu Chi steers a ship of compassion to save all beings that suffer. And The Eight Petals represent the Noble Eight Fold Path in Buddhism that Tzu Chi members use as their guide.

How do you pronounce chi in Chinese?

The “Chi” part is easy. “Chee.” Rhymes with “Kree.” Technically the “Ch” is not precisely the same as in English “Chad” or “Chocolate,” but it’s close enough for conversation amongst non-fluent Chinese speakers. The “Shang” is said the same way as the “Shang” in Shanghai, the city in China.

What is generosity in Buddhism?

In Buddhism, practicing generosity is believed to help train the mind in a way conducive to attaining enlightenment. Giving serves as a way to eliminate one’s greed and ill-will. By giving away what is valuable, you reduce attachment by letting them go.

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What does Tzu Chi Singapore do?

For more than 28 years, Tzu Chi Singapore has been providing direct aid and care to underprivileged and disadvantaged communities. Currently, we focus our efforts in the following key areas:

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