What are the best exterior Christmas lights?


Overall Rating
Best Overall: AmazonBasics 100 LED Outdoor String Lights Amazon 4.8
Best Budget: Home Accents Holiday LED Mini Warm White String Light Amazon 4
Best Colored: Yuletime Multicolor LED Christmas Lights Amazon 4.8
Best Large Bulb: Wintergreen Lighting C9 LED Christmas String Lights Amazon 4.5

What are NOMA Christmas lights?

Humidifiers, Purifiers, Lighting & Christmas Lights – NOMA. Our patented Quick Clip™ technology allows you to install your Christmas lights in half the traditional time with built-in, secure, heavy-duty spring-loaded clips.

Are professional Christmas lights worth it?

The benefits of professional quality Christmas lights make them more than worth the fact that they are more expensive than what you will find in a retail store. First, pro-grade Christmas lights utilize a one-piece design. This means that the LED diode and lens are in a single sealed socket.

Does Canadian Tire own Noma?

It was once the largest manufacturer of holiday lighting in the world. As of 2021, the rights to the brand in Canada and the United States are owned by Canadian Tire, which sells NOMA-branded products through its namesake stores in Canada, and through an e-commerce website in the United States.

Is Noma a good brand?

Canadian Tire stands by its brand In fact, Noma has received over 243 reviews on 126 different products and the results show that a significant majority of customers rate the product four to five stars (five stars being the highest).”

How do you dress a house with Christmas lights?

Indoor or out, be inspired by our pick of creative Christmas light ideas to brighten up your home.

  1. Brighten up hallways for a warm welcome.
  2. Hang an illuminated wreath.
  3. Coordinate tree to fireplace.
  4. Dress the windows.
  5. Spell it out above the mantel.
  6. Set the table with lights.
  7. Dress the stairs with faux candlelight.