What are pipe saddles?

What Is a Pipe Saddle? A pipe saddle is any pipe support that cradles a pipe and transfers the pipe’s load weight onto a supporting base. Much like a saddle on a horse supports a rider and keeps them from bouncing on the animal, pipe saddles support a pipe’s weight.

What is a saddle connection?

Saddles are a way of connecting to an existing pipe by actually breaking into the pipe via an elliptical or circular hole, rather than cutting out a whole section of pipe and replacing it with a branch junction, access chamber or IC as discussed above.

What is a sewer saddle?

Ford Meter Box’s sewer saddle offers a secure connection for tapping sewer mains. Available in three sizes with 4” or 6” branch outlets, these sewer saddles come with an adjustable stainless steel strap to accommodate a wide range of pipe sizes.

Can you use a saddle valve on PVC?

Most saddle valves are designed to work with standard rigid copper pipes—they are not recommended for PVC, CPVC, or PEX plastic pipe. They are also designed for water systems with a maximum pressure of no more than 125 psi.

What is PVC saddle?

A PVC saddle tee can be used to quickly add a tee in an existing PVC pipe such as those used in irrigation systems. When sprinkler lines are laid out, it can be difficult to accurately anticipate the water coverage until the system is fully tested.

What is a tapping saddle?

Tapping saddles are ideal for service connections and provide an effective means of conducting an under pressure tapping. The saddle body supplies a strong reinforced aperture for the parent and offtake pipe.

Can you tap into PVC?

For plastic, PVC is surprisingly strong and resistant to being tapped. I used a large tap wrench to continue taping the pipe. About every 1/2 turn, you need to back off the tap wrench to break the material. This is the same process that you would follow if you were tapping a metal pipe too.