What are Microsoft words best features?

10 Supremely Useful Features in Microsoft Word

  • Convert a List to a Table.
  • Convert a Bulleted List to SmartArt.
  • Create a Custom Tab.
  • Quick Selection Methods.
  • Add Placeholder Text.
  • Changing Case.
  • Quick Parts.
  • Touch/ Mouse Mode in Word 2013.

What is MS Word features and advantages?

One of the advantages of using Microsoft Word is that it is available practically everywhere. Word comes standard on many PCs. You can typically find it on your work computer, computers at school and your home PC. This makes it easy to save documents on a flash drive, take them with you and work on them somewhere else.

What are 3 new features in Microsoft Word?

And if math is your thing, you’ll be glad to know that Word now supports LaTeX syntax.

  • Break the language barrier. Translate words, phrases or sentences to another language with Microsoft Translator.
  • Improve your reading experience.
  • Draw and write with your digital pen.
  • Use LaTeX syntax in your equations.

What are 10 features of MS Word?

What are 10 features of Microsoft Word?

  • Changing case.
  • Create a custom tab.
  • Quick parts.
  • Add placeholder text.
  • Edit wrap points when wrapping text.
  • Convert a list to a table.
  • Convert a bulleted list to SmartArt.
  • Quick selection methods.

What are the features of Microsoft Office?

10 Microsoft Office Features You Will Love

  • Simultaneous Collaboration.
  • Simple Sharing.
  • Share Large Files As A URL.
  • Helpful Versioning.
  • Smart Lookup.
  • Outlook Groups.
  • New Charts In Microsoft.
  • One-Click Forecasting.

What are the 10 features of word processing?

Typical features of a modern word processor include multiple font sets, spell checking, grammar checking, a built-in thesaurus, automatic text correction, web integration, HTML conversion, pre-formatted publication projects such as newsletters and to-do lists, and much more.

What is MS Word and its features PDF?

Ms-Word is a part of the package called ms office. word processor is a software package that enables you to create, edit, print and save documents for future retrieval and reference. creating a document involves typing by using a keyboard and saving it.

What are 4 features of word processing?

There are four primary functions of word processors: composing, editing, saving and printing.

What are the features of MS Word explain any five?

What are the main features of word processor?