What are lead markers used for?

Lead markers are a necessity in many hospitals and industrial workplaces. The markers are used on images (X-rays) to determine the side (left or right) of something or some markers can even have a date or patients name on them.

What are Pb markers?

Lead markers are also referred to as Pb markers, X-ray markers, max markers and radiographic film identification markers. We offer an assortment of unique, personalized lead markers for diagnostic imaging purposes. Lead markers serve as a necessary tool for X-ray technicians to produce accurate and clear X-ray images.

What are lead markers made of?

The Phillips Lead Markers provide a customizable way to mark your x-ray images. They are made of a hard plastic in a durable aluminum channel with heavy metal alloy lettering within. All lettering is sealed within the plastic, and the aluminum casing improves the image produced on your film.

How do you clean Radhesive?

Long-lasting stick with no residue left behind. Radhesive washes easily with soap and water to regain the “sticky-ness” If you find it is a bit TOO sticky, simply dab on scrubs to get it just right for you.

Why are markers important in radiology?

The importance of radiographic markers is due in part to their function: they mark the position of specific x-ray images or areas of interest in an x-ray image. Pro X-ray markers provide dental and medical offices with a variety of marker options that can be personalized according to color, style, font, and initials.

What are radiopaque markers?

Indicator® Radiopaque Markers Identify points of interest such as masses, scar tissue, moles, and points of pain. For use in X-ray, CT, fluoroscopy, angiography, and mammography. Flat design prevents tissue indentation and clear adhesive backing aids in precise marker placement. Disposable.

What is grid radiology?

Grids are placed between the patient and the x-ray film to reduce the scattered radiation reaching the detector (produced mainly by the Compton effect) and thus improve image contrast.

Can you cut Radhesive?

You can easily trim these with scissors to fit the size of your markers. You will receive 2 strips. Radhesive washes easily with soap and water to regain the “sticky-ness” If you find it is a bit TOO sticky, simply dab on scrubs to get it just right for you.

How do you apply Radhesive?


  1. Trim the adhesive strip to the required size if it is larger than your x-ray marker.
  2. Clean your x-ray marker to remove any dirt and grease before application.
  3. Remove the protective film on one side of the adhesive and press the adhesive to the x-ray marker.
  4. Peel the other side of the adhesive strip.

Why are radiographic markers important?

What are radiopaque markers made of?

Most of the radiopaque materials used to produce markers for biliary stents are composed of high-density materials, such as gold or platinum, which are expensive (the cost of gold wire in 2017 was 42 US dollars pergram).