What are Kobe colors?

For Kobe Bryant, purple and yellow are not just his former Laker uniform colors. Purple represents overcoming challenges and setting fresh goals, while yellow signifies positivity, according to his views on the psychology of color that he articulates in a new campaign for Nike.

Can I customize Kobes?

Having released the Kobe X Elite earlier this year, Nike are now giving sneakerheads the opportunity to customize a pair to their heart’s desire. Whether it’s the upper, midsole, tongue or outer sole, the opportunities are endless, with the ability to customize the color, sole and, of course, add speckles.

How do you clean Kobe 8s?

Mix warm water with just a drop of laundry detergent (or, if leather, a specialty leather cleaner). Apply a small amount to a sponge or soft cloth to clean dirty areas of the shoe. Remove your insole and clean using a water/detergent mix. Rinse excess soap off of the shoe and insole using just water on a second sponge.

When did the Kobe 8 come out?

Like the Kobe 7, the Nike Kobe 8 also debuted in a “System” version. Designed by Eric Avar and released from 2012-2013, they feature an Engineered Mesh upper with no-sew synthetic overlays, a full-length Lunarlon midsole and Zoom Air cushioning.

What is Kobe favorite color?

Ahead of his Boston finale, Kobe Bryant says green his favorite color – Los Angeles Lakers Blog- ESPN.

Did Adidas drop Kobe?

Good call. Kobe left Adidas for Nike soon after the release of the KOBE TWO (yes, it was that bad), thus beginning a new era in Mamba sneakerdom. Ongoing legal trouble prevented Bryant from being given his own signature shoe line, so he turned to a generic Nike shoe—the Huarache 2K4.

What is the best way to paint shoes?

How To Paint Your Sneakers: Painting

  1. Use light coats to get a more even finish.
  2. Apply multiple layers of paint to help achieve a more solid color.
  3. Use a heat gun to dry off each layer.
  4. Keep applying paint until the color is solid and there are no streaks. This should take at least 2-3 layers.

How much do Kobe 8 weigh?

Nike went low and light with the Kobe 8, introducing engineered mesh for the first time, which allowed the shoe to weigh in at an airy 9.6 ounces. The full-length Lunarlon midsole cushioning makes the Kobe 8s one of the most comfortable basketball shoes out there.

What does GC mean in shoes?

If you wanted a detailed look at the upcoming basketball model then you’ve come to the right place. This particular version was purchased at Air-Knight.com and is a ‘GC’ which means it has an XDR rubber outsole and it exclusively available in China.

Are Kobe 8 true to size?

The shoe fits true to size. One reviewer describes the fit as the same as the Kobe VI’s. If you have tried those shoes on, you can get the same size.