What are bromides drugs?

Bromide compounds, especially potassium bromide, were frequently used as sedatives in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Their use in over-the-counter sedatives and headache remedies (such as Bromo-Seltzer) in the United States extended to 1975 when bromides were withdrawn as ingredients due to chronic toxicity.

What does bromides mean in English?

Definition of bromide 1 : a binary compound of bromine with another element or a radical including some (such as potassium bromide) used as sedatives. 2a : a commonplace or tiresome person : bore. b : a commonplace or hackneyed statement or notion.

What is an example of a bromide?

A bromide is a common saying or proverb that is obvious and not that helpful, like “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Some people love to say things like “Follow your dreams” and “Love takes hard work.” Such trite, clichéd sayings are bromides.

What is a bromide used for?

Bromide is a type of medication used to treat severe epilepsy, particularly causing myoclonic seizures. Bromide comes in two formulations: triple bromide (contains three different variations of bromide: ammonium bromide, potassium bromide and sodium bromide) and potassium bromide.

Where do you find bromides?

Bromide naturally occurs in the earth’s crust, seawater, salt lakes, and underwater brines (VanBriesen 2014). Fossil fuels, such as coal, also contain varying concentrations of bromide (Kolker et al. 2006).

What is another word for bromide?

Bromide synonyms The condition or quality of being banal; triviality.

What are bromides found in?

Why did they put bromide in tea?

In the First World War, frontline troops who were away from their loved ones for long periods famously had bromide put into their tea to reduce the distraction of their sexual drive.

Is bromide still used?

Methyl bromide also depletes the ozone layer. Therefore, along with other countries, the United States has phased out production and consumption of methyl bromide with important exceptions for critical uses as well as quarantine and preshipment.

What foods contain bromides?

Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is found in many consumer citrus flavored soft drink products such as Mountain Dew, some Gatorade and some Powerade, Orange Fanta, Orange Crush, Sun Drop, Squirt and Fresca. BVO can be found in some bakery products and brands of pasta as well.

How do you use bromide in a sentence?

Bromide in a Sentence 1. The bromide “all things come to those who wait” didn’t really help the mountain climber hanging from the cliff. 2. Although bromide “time heals all wounds” might encourage some, the platitude won’t be much support to those who have lost a limb.

How much is a Passle?

An indeterminately great amount or number: jillion, million (often used in plural), multiplicity, ream, trillion.