What are 4 academic vocabulary words?

Academic vocabulary words for 4th graders

accomplish essential reason
concluding increasing support
confirm infer temporary
contrast inform threatens
convince insert tradition

What are examples of academic vocabulary?

Academic vocabulary includes words used in academic dialogue and texts. It does not include words students use in general conversation, but academic vocabulary relates to other familiar words that students do use. For example, rather than using the simple verb watch, an academic term would be observe.

What is the most well known list of academic vocabulary?

Perhaps the most well known example of such a list is the Academic Word List (AWL). This can be a useful resource for building general academic vocabulary, though it should be remembered that this list is derived from written academic texts, so is most useful for written contexts.

How many academic vocabulary are there?

570 words
The Academic Word List is a list of 570 words that appear frequently in all academic texts. This means that they are very general academic words. They are not specially connected with any particular subject and so they are very useful for all students.

What is general academic vocabulary?

General academic vocabulary is used to refer to words that appear in texts across several disciplines or academic domains. For example, Townsend (2009) defined general academic vocabulary as words “which are used across content areas, have abstract definitions, and are a challenge to master” (p. 242).

What are some 6th grade words?

Academic vocabulary words for 6th graders

adjacent dimension obedient
accumulate drastic oblivious
adapt elaborate origin
adequate encourage peculiar
analyze equation persuade