Is Vance still in the military?

General Jonathan Holbert Vance MSC CD (born January 3, 1964) is a retired Canadian Forces officer who served as a general in the Canadian Army. Vance was the chief of the Defence Staff from 2015 to 2021.

Is Rick Hillier from Newfoundland?

General (Ret.) Rick Hillier, OC, CMM, MSC, CD (born 1955), is the former Chief of the Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces….Rick Hillier.

Rick J. Hillier
Born 1955 (age 66–67)
Place of birth Campbellton, Newfoundland
Allegiance Canada
Service/branch Armour

What did Jonathan Vance do?

Retired general Jonathan Vance has acknowledged he was in a sexual relationship with a subordinate while he was the chief of defence staff, after having denied the allegations in the past. In an agreed statement of facts recently filed in court, Vance also confirmed he had one child with the woman, Maj. Kellie Brennan.

Is Vance still married?

Vance is also married. Mr. Vance was concerned that he would be found in breach of the National Defence Act if the military learned about the relationship extending into his term as chief of the defence staff, according to the document. Maj.

Who is the current CDS in Canada?

Wayne Eyre
The chief of the Defence Staff (CDS; French: chef d’état-major de la Défense; CEMD) is the professional head of the Canadian Armed Forces….Chief of the Defence Staff (Canada)

Chief of the Defence Staff
Incumbent Wayne Eyre since 25 November 2021
Canadian Armed Forces
Type Commissioned officer Chief of defence
Abbreviation CDS

How much does the chief of Defence staff make?

£75,299 per year
The typical UK Ministry of Defence Chief of Staff salary is £75,299 per year. Chief of Staff salaries at UK Ministry of Defence can range from £33,939 – £90,000 per year.

Where does Randy Hillier live?

Background. Hillier was a licensed construction electrician (licence expired July 31, 2013) with a diploma in electrical engineering technology from Algonquin College and former employee of the Canadian federal government. He lives near Perth, Ontario.

Who is in charge of Canadian military?

Elizabeth II Queen of Canada

Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Armed Forces
Incumbent Elizabeth II Queen of Canada since 6 February 1952 Represented by Mary Simon Governor General of Canada since 26 July 2021
Canadian Armed Forces
Type Role
Abbreviation C-in-C

What is Vance charged with?

Ex-Chief of Canada’s Military Pleads Guilty to Obstruction in Sex Misconduct Case. The investigation that led to charges against Jonathan Vance, a former chief of Canada’s defense staff, is one of several that have ensnared current and former Canadian military commanders.

Who is Canada’s chief of defense?

Who is the highest ranking Canadian military officer?

A French Canadian becomes the highest ranking officer in the Canadian military. General Jean Victor Allard rises to the rank of Chief of Defence Staff and helps to usher in a series of changes to make the Canadian Armed Forces more functionally bilingual.

What is the highest rank in the Canadian military?

General (Gen; French: Général [gén]) is a military rank used by the Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force typically held by the officer who is serving as the chief of the Defence Staff – the senior uniformed officer of the Canadian Forces – if they belong to those elements….General (Canada)

General Général
Equivalent ranks Admiral