Is Ursa a good hero?

Ursa is one of very few carry heroes, who can be insanely useful in all stages of the game. Thanks to recent changes to Earthshock, the hero gained the ability to be a lot more mobile. It allowed Ursa to demolish his opponents in the lane and be more active in the early and mid stages.

Is Ursa a good carry?

Ursa is extremely good jungler after he gets a morbid mask and can take down roshan solo under a minute. Ursa’s abilities compliment aggressive playstyle, as he is tanky enough to be on front lines and strong enough to nuke most of the heroes.

How do you play Ursa?


  1. Ursa only needs. Morbid Mask and max Fury Swipes to take down Roshan.
  2. After obtaining the Aegis, Ursa should dominate the mid game by ganking the enemies repeatedly with. Blink Dagger and his team.

Is Ursa a late game hero?

Not very good in the late game: Ursa suffers in the late game because heroes there have enough gold to buy Force Staffs, Ghost Scepters, Heaven’s Halberd, Hex, etc. Your BKB also goes down to 5 seconds, so it’s easier for enemies to kite you.

What Lane does Ursa play?

UrsaMelee, Carry, Disabler, Durable, Jungler

Lane Presence XPM
Safe Lane 71.08% 643
Off Lane 12.79% 566
Jungle 9.21% 555
Mid Lane 5.78% 640

Can you dispel Ursa ULT?

Disrupting Ursa is also a good way to kite him, as it can not be dispelled by Enrage.

How strong is Ursa?

Superhuman Strength: While transformed, Ursa Major possesses superhuman strength much greater than average humans and than of an actual brown bear of similar size. At his peak, his strength is sufficient to lift about 15 tons.

What level can Ursa solo Roshan?

Lycan, Enigma, Ursa, Venomancer, and Syllabear, all heroes listed as effective Roshan killers, are easily capable of soloing him from levels 6-10.

How do you lane against Ursa?

Pick a strong counter Perhaps one of the best choices is Phantom Lancer. As long as there aren’t any counters for him, PL can rip through Ursa very easily due to his illusions. Speaking of illusions, Naga Siren is also one of those heroes that can easily dominate the game against Ursa.

What heroes is Ursa good against?


Hero Dis. Hero Win Rate
Venomancer 3.58% 44.47%
Naga Siren 3.56% 45.24%
Windranger 2.83% 48.43%
Beastmaster 2.82% 47.59%

What is good against Ursa?

Nethertoxin breaks Fury Swipes, making Viper a decent counter to Ursa in a laning stage. Viper Strike is a strong, undispellable slow, making it much easier to kite Ursa for everyone.