Is the film Brassed Off based on a true story?

Mark Herman’s Brassed Off was inspired by Grimethorpe colliery band’s success in the National Brass Band championships at a time when the pit’s 33,000 miners faced redundancy. The film provided a memorable portrayal of what can happen to a pit community when the jobs start to go.

Who played flugelhorn in Brassed Off?

Gloria Mullins has been sent to her home town of Grimley to determine the profitability of the pit for the management of British Coal. She also plays the flugelhorn, and is allowed to play with the local brass band after playing Concierto de Aranjuez, affectionately known as “Orange Juice” by the characters, with them.

Did Brassed Off win any awards?

César Award for Best Foreign Film
London Film Critics Circle Award for British Actor of the YearGerman Film Award for Best Foreign Film
Brassed Off/Awards

Who played Harry in Brassed Off?

Jim Carter
Brassed Off (1996) – Jim Carter as Harry – IMDb.

Does Tara Fitzgerald play flugelhorn?

Tara Fitzgerald, actor When I got the part, I drove my neighbours mad because the first thing I did was hire a flugelhorn. I was playing the only female performer in the band and practised endlessly in the two months before shooting.

What does brass off mean?

annoyed and unhappy feeling
Definition of brassed off British, informal. : annoyed and unhappy feeling a bit brassed off.

What does flugelhorn mean in German?

(ˈfluːɡəlˌhɔrn, German ˈflʏɡəlˌhɔʀn) noun. a brass wind instrument with three valves, usually pitched in B flat and used esp. in military bands. Also: flugelhorn, fluegelhorn.

What does Brassed mean?

: annoyed and unhappy feeling a bit brassed off.

Are there still colliery bands?

Take the Grimethorpe Colliery Band in South Yorkshire. The band was originally formed in 1917, and nearly 100 years later, a group of tuba, euphonium and other horn players still bears the band’s name. They gather every week inside a crowded practice room in Grimethorpe.

What pit was used in Brassed Off?

Brassed Off | 1996 Set in the fictitious town of ‘Grimley’ and using the famous Grimethorpe Colliery Band, this was shot in Doncaster, Birmingham and London. The brass band championship was filmed at the Piece Hall, Blackledge in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Is Tara Fitzgerald married?

John SharianTara Fitzgerald / Spouse (m. 2001–2003)

What flugelhorn did Chet Baker use?

Check out the cd Baby Breeze, which is all flugelhorn. It is excellent. I believe he played flugel on this album because his trumpet was either stolen or damaged. Just to clarify, his trumpet was stolen.