Is the Corpse Bride related to Victoria?

Victoria Everglot is the tritagonist of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. She is the neglected daughter of Maudeline and Finis Everglot where her family is penniless despite their first-class status.

How would you describe Victoria from Corpse Bride?

Victoria is a quite beautiful young woman with a slim figure and pale skin. She has a heart face, big black eyes and light brown hair done up in a bun. Her father described her as being “otter-faced.”

Does Victor love Victoria or Emily?

When it comes down to it, Victor wanted to marry Victoria. He chose her. Although their marriage was a duty to their families, it also led to natural chemistry. Victor was nervous about his vows, so he went into the woods and practiced.

Who gets married in Corpse Bride?

But when things go wrong at the wedding rehearsal, Victor goes into the woods to practice his vows. Just as soon as he gets them right, he finds himself married to Emily, the corpse bride. While Victoria waits on the other side, there’s a rich newcomer that may take Victor’s place.

Are Emily and Victoria sisters?

tl;dnr: Emily is the maternal aunt of Victoria Everglot, the bethrothed / fiancé of Victor Van Dort.

Does Victor like Victoria?

Even though Victor is in love with Victoria, he is heartbroken when he learns that she’s marrying someone else, unaware that she was being forced into it by her parents and her fiancĂ© is Lord Barkis Bittern.

Did Victor end up with Victoria?

Victor, however, despite still loving Victoria, tells Emily he made a promise, but Emily told him he kept it by setting her free. As a reward, she gives him back Victoria’s ring saying that she can do the same for him. Victor smiles, happy that he’s marrying Victoria at last.

Who does Victor end up with?

Victor Chooses Benji in ‘Love, Victor’ Season 3 Trailer (Video)

What did Emily look like when she was alive Corpse Bride?

Emily was a tall and very beautiful young woman who had a slim and graceful figure. It can be assumed that she was just as plain and dull like the rest of the living when she was alive. Bonejangles replies that Emily was a beauty known for miles around. As a corpse, she’s still graceful.