Is the 7.92 57mm Mauser still made?

In its day, the 7.92×57mm Mauser cartridge was one of the world’s most popular military cartridges. In the 21st century it is still a popular sport and hunting cartridge that is factory-produced in Europe and the United States.

What is the difference between 7×57 and 7x57r?

7×57 Mauser is the Military round and is non-rimmed. The 7×57 R is a rimmed sporting cartridge of same dimensions except it has a rim for extraction in arms like double rifles.

What guns shoot 7×57?

Chambered service weapons Mauser Model 1893, Mauser Model 1895 and Mauser Model 1899, Mauser Model 1907, Mauser Model 1908, Mauser Standardmodell, vz.

Is 8×57 the same as 8mm Mauser?

The 8×57 is also known as the 7.92x57mm J, 7.92x57mm JS, the 8x57mm Mauser or plainly as the 8mm Mauser; they are all describing the same cartridge, bullet diameter aside.

Is an 8mm Mauser a good hunting rifle?

30-06 Springfield and 8mm Mauser are solid hunting and sporting cartridges with good performance, great stopping power, and reasonable reliability in the field.

How far will a 7mm Mauser shoot?

All these different variants of 7mm Mauser ammo have a relatively flat trajectory (more or less comparable to the . 308 Winchester or . 30-06 Springfield), making them suitable for shots out to 300-400 yards or so (perhaps further) in the right hands.

Is 275 Rigby the same as 7×57 Mauser?

The names are different; the cartridges are the same. The . 275 Rigby (7×57) cannot compete with the several magnum 7mm cartridges but it doesn’t need to.

Is 7 mm Mauser the same as 7mm-08?

Both cartridges can use the full gamut of 7mm bullets—from 120 to 175 grains—though looking at the modern factory loads, you’ll see the 7x57mm Mauser is generally loaded with bullets on the higher side of the spectrum from 140 to 175 grains, while the 7mm-08 Remington is loaded with lighter bullets, topping out at the …

Is the 7×57 a good round?

The 7×57 Mauser remains a fine cartridge capable of excellent performance, despite being designed some 126 years ago. Yes, it does require a standard-length action, and it does recoil harder than a 6.5 Creedmoor.

Is 7×57 a good hunting rifle?

At typical deer hunting distances, the 7×57 Mauser remains one of our best deer cartridges. It offers plenty of performance for deer-size game without a lot of recoil. The 7×57, a.k.a. 7mm Mauser and . 275 Rigby, was among a spate of military cartridges developed in the 1890s.