Is the 1953 wheat penny worth anything?

The 1953 wheat penny with no mint mark and 1953 D wheat penny have similar values. Each coin is worth around $0.10 in very fine condition. In extremely fine condition the value is around $0.15. In uncirculated condition the price is around $0.50 for coins with an MS-63RB grade.

How much is a 1953 copper penny worth?

Nowadays, the average estimate value of the 1953 Penny is 15 cents for average condition to $4 for mint state. Some 128,800 proof pennies have an average estimated cost of $55 per piece.

What is a 1953 2022 penny worth?

1953 Penny Value

1953 Lincoln Penny Value
Condition of Coin
1953 Lincoln Penny Value Up-Dated 2022
1953 $0.02 $1.00
1953 D $0.02 $0.71

Are there any valuable pennies from the 1950s?

The Lincoln Wheat penny production era was more than 100 years long, and these coins are probably among the most recognizable pennies ever produced….

1950 Lincoln penny value by JM Bullion
Coin Extra fine quality Uncirculated quality
1950 Lincoln penny $0.20 $0.35
1950 D Lincoln penny $0.20 $0.35

Is a 1953 D penny rare?

The 1953-D Wheat Penny had a total mintage of over 700 million coins from the Denver Mint. The 1953-D Wheat Penny can be harder to find in the highest Mint State grades, but is relatively available in many circulated and uncirculated grades.

How much is a 1954 d penny worth?

The 1954 D wheat penny and 1954 S wheat penny are very similar when discussing their price. Both of them are worth around $0.10 in very fine condition. Coins in an extra fine state are worth about $0.12 each. In uncirculated conditions, their value goes up to $0.50 for coins with an MS 63 grade.

What is a 1954 d wheat penny worth?

How much is a 1957 d penny worth?

Currently, the 1957 D wheat pennies in average condition are worth 15 to 60 cents, while the coins in pristine condition are valued as much as $1.

How much is a 1956 d penny worth?

The 1956 Wheat penny with a ā€œDā€ mintmark and one without have the same value. One in fine condition could sell for about $0.10. A 1956 penny in extremely fine condition is worth a little more and is typically priced at $0.12. 1956 pennies in certified mint state (MS+) condition can fetch up to $5 at an auction.

What is a 1953 d worth?

The 1953-D Wheat Penny value ranges from around one hundred dollars to upwards of seven thousand dollars for some of the highest documented grades on the market today.

What is a 1958 d penny worth?

1958 Penny Value

1958 Lincoln Penny Value
Condition of Coin
1958 Lincoln Penny Value Up-Dated 2022
1958 $0.02 $0.37
1958 D $0.02 $0.37

How much is a 1957 d wheat penny worth?

How much is a rare penny worth?

When you get to the world’s rarest and most coveted pennies in the world, values are well over $100,000 and up to almost $2 million. Rarity is a significant factor in determining a penny’s value.

How rare is a 1953 Penny?

Of the three varieties struck in 1953; San Francisco issues capture the greatest interest and a small premium. Philadelphia contributed 256,883,800 1953 pennies to the year’s production. Totaling over a billion coins when all 1953 varieties are combined. On the rarity scale, considered: Abundant

Are old wheat pennies worth anything?

1953 Penny Varieties Now becoming an older coin, a wheat penny is part of an enjoyable series to collectors. Ample supplies of the second era (1934 to 1958) coins provides an affordable collecting experience. Of the three varieties struck in 1953; San Francisco issues capture the greatest interest and a small premium.

What is the most valuable Penny in the world?

The Top 15 Most Valuable Pennies. 1 Small Pieces of Copper Worth Huge Amounts of Money. Written by. James Bucki. Updated 05/29/20. Pin. Share. Email. While the pennies pictured in the 2 1914-S Lincoln Penny. 3 1944-D Lincoln Penny on a Zinc-Coated Steel Planchet. 4 1909-S VDB Lincoln Penny. 5 1872 Indian Head Penny.