Is Thamesmead rough?

Thamesmead is London’s most notorious housing estate, home to some 50,000 people. In recent years it became known as the fraud capital of the UK because of its association with West African criminal gangs.

Is Thamesmead a safe area?

Crime. Thamesmead suffers from a higher crime rate than the London average. A high number of gun and knife crime, with some estate residents claiming that gangs have been left untouched by police.

What went wrong with Thamesmead?

Thamesmead’s interconnecting walkways and elevated living were seen as very futuristic in their design. But the elevated walkways built for protection, became a threat. Alison Breese from Gallions Housing Association says, “The mile upon mile of walkways did mean that we had all this void space on the ground floor…

Why is Thamesmead called that?

Thamesmead, Greenwich/Bexley Its name was the winning entry in a newspaper competition, although it has been suggested that the planners always had that name in mind – and they simply waited for a competition entrant to come up with it too.

Is Thamesmead being demolished?

In recent weeks Peabody have begun to release information and consulting on future phases of demolishing Thamesmead’s original estate. This site contains homes and flats located behind the now derelict Corraline Walk, and which they are calling Lesnes Estate.

Which borough is Thamesmead in?

Royal Borough of Greenwich
Thamesmead (SE28) | Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Is Thamesmead safe to live?

Thamesmead Moorings – 1,762 Theft and violence accounted for 69% of all crime in the area. A total of 176 criminal damage offences was recorded by police, along with 159 burglaries and 61 drug offences.

When was Thamesmead built?

Thamesmead is a social housing estate built in the mid 1960s in outer Lnondon. It is situated on former marshland on the south of the Thames that was once part of the Woolwich Arsenal.

Was Thamesmead a success?

Thamesmead’s failure wasn’t just design but the result of being a Greater London Council flagship estate which then proved its undoing. The GLC were being wound down with estates across London passing to borough councils.

What is Thamesmead like now?

Discover Thamesmead We’re currently replacing the windows in the towers and putting in new double-glazed windows. We’re currently replacing the windows in the towers and putting in new double-glazed windows. The Reach is a new development of 66 homes, designed by award winning architects, Pitman Tozer.

What borough is Thamesmead come under?