Is supply chain management a part of MBA?

An MBA in SCM stands for Masters of business administration in supply chain management. It is generally a 2-year program, which is a blend of a general business administration curriculum with specialized courses in supply chain management.

Which MBA is best for logistics?

Here are the best MBA logistics programs

  • Michigan State University (Broad)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
  • Arizona State University (W.P. Carey)
  • Pennsylvania State University–University Park (Smeal)
  • University of Tennessee–Knoxville (Haslam)
  • Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)

Does MBA in logistics have scope?

The scope of an MBA in Logistics in India is conceivably one of the most popular MBA programs. The logistics industry relishes global outreach and the traces of it can be seen at every step of product manufacturing, from product making to product delivery.

Is MBA in supply chain management worth it?

Supply chain MBA offers a wide range of career opportunities, with a chance to work as a Strategic Sourcing Manager, Operations Excellence Manager, Supply Chain Performance Analyst, Business Operations Manager, VP of Supply Chain Operations, Manager of Global Sourcing, Logistics and Transportation Analyst, and …

Who can study supply chain management?

Supply Chain Management Eligibility The general requirement is to have at least 45% marks in +2. Students possessing holistic management and teamwork skills are most suited for pursuing a career in Supply Chain Management.

What can I do after MBA in supply chain management?

Some of the most common supply chain management positions include:

  1. Industry Analyst.
  2. Project Manager.
  3. Global Logistics Manager.
  4. Transportation Director.
  5. Supply Chain Sales.
  6. Supply Chain Consultant.
  7. Procurement Analyst/Purchasing Manager.
  8. Warehousing Manager.