Is steeplechase the same as cross country?

Everyone knows the Kentucky Derby – all the horses run around a big circle, women wear hats, and eventually, a winner is declared. Also, one of the horses wins the race. But lesser known to the general public are steeplechase races, which are run cross country and include jumps.

What is the difference between a hurdle and a steeplechase?

Hurdle and Steeplechase races are very different. Hurdle obstacles are smaller than Steeplechase obstacles and generally, hurdle races are where horses start their jumping career before progressing to Steeplechase races. The tempo in Steeplechase races is also generally slower than the tempo in Hurdle Races.

How high are the jumps in steeplechase?

4½ feet
Steeplechases are run over distances that range between 2 and 4½ miles (3.2 and 7.2 km). The runners jump over a variety of obstacles that can include plain fences, water jumps or open ditches. The fences in chases are a minimum of 4½ feet (1.3m) high and are made of a mixture of birch and spruce.

What is the longest steeplechase in the world?

The Grand Annual is an Australian Thoroughbred steeplechase for horses that run at Warrnambool, Victoria during its annual May Racing Carnival. The distance is officially listed as about 5500 metres because many sections of the race are run in open paddocks with little or no fences.

Why does the steeple chase have water?

Along the way, runners would encounter natural obstacles, like low stone walls and small creeks or rivers. When the sport became standardized, the walls became hurdles and the rivers became the water pits that have become the distinctive features of steeplechase.

How Deep Is steeplechase water?

Spanning 12ft long and 27.6in (70cm) deep at its deepest, the water pit forces runners to consider their strategy. Some choose to hurdle and land in the water, while others step up on the barrier to jump as far as they can. But runners at every level can fall, anywhere from high school through pros.

Why does the steeplechase have water?

How hard is steeplechase?

The steeplechase is clearly the more difficult event. It requires a different type of fitness than flat events do. It takes more than endurance; it requires hurdling endurance. You have to be able to adapt quickly and handle the rapid changes in speed that come as you approach a barrier, clear it and resume your run.

Why is it called steeple chase?

But the name steeplechase actually originated in a horse race, first held in Ireland in the 18th century. As the name might suggest, that very first race took place in 1752 between two steeples in rural county Cork in the south of Ireland. At that time, church steeples were among the tallest buildings in the landscape.

What’s the hardest horse race in the world?

Because the Mongol Derby is hailed as the world’s longest and toughest horse race. It’s even recognized as that with its very own Guinness World Record. There’s absolutely nothing easy about this 1,000-kilometer (621-mile) race across Mongolia.

Can you jump over the water in steeplechase?

Often you’ll see runners land one foot on the top of the barrier to propel themselves over it, though many elite runners just clear the whole thing altogether. Wipeouts are all too common, especially in or around the water. It’s a quirky race, to be sure, but it’s also a sneakily fun one.