Is Samyang 14mm a good lens?

Our Verdict. The Rokinon/Samyang 14mm f/2.8 lens is a great way to get an extremely wide field of view without breaking the bank.

Is 14mm a wide angle lens?

The Rokinon 14mm F/2.8 is a manual, wide-angle camera lens that comes in Canon, Nikon and Sony mounting options. The aperture of this lens (F/2.8) is a handy feature for those looking to capture astrophotography images of the Milky Way.

Is Samyang and Rokinon the same?

Samyang = Rokinon = Bower. The cosmetics and branding is different. I think since then, it’s evolved a bit. They’re using different brands in different regions.

Does Samyang fit Nikon?

Samyang continues to move onwards into autofocus territory, now presenting us with their first Nikon F fit lens, the full frame AF 14mm f/2.8….

Model name AF 14mm F2.8 F
Number of blades 7
Mount Nikon F
Angle of view Full Frame 116.6 ˚
APS-C 92.8 ˚

Is Samyang 14mm full frame?

8 Full Frame Ultra Wide Angle Lens for Canon EF Mount Cameras with AE Chip, Black, one Size, SYAE14M-C.

What is a 14mm lens good for?

14mm is regarded as an ultra-wide-angle lens as its field of view is extreme. For landscapes, architecture, and astrophotography, such a focal length is perfect for encapsulating the entire surrounding.

Is Rokinon 14mm full-frame?

The 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC Lens for Canon EF from Rokinon gives you approximately a 115° view with dramatic results when used with a full frame digital camera or 35mm film camera….Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 Specs.

Focal Length 14mm
Lens Format Coverage Full-Frame
Angle of View 115.7°
Minimum Focus Distance 0.9′ / 27.43 cm

Is Samyang 14mm the same as Rokinon 14mm?

Samyang 14mm f/2.8 (same company as Rokinon, under a different name) Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8. Irix 15mm f/2.4.

Who owns Rokinon?

Elite Brands Inc.
As one of the largest and most popular brand of DSLR and Cine camera lenses in the world, you can be confident and secure that the ROKINON and XEEN by ROKINON lens systems will provide outstanding performance and unsurpassed value. ROKINON is owned and operated solely by Elite Brands Inc.

Is Samyang compatible with Canon?

Samyang XP lenses: Samyang also offers a range of ‘Premium Manual Focus’ optics for DSLRs, all of which are full-frame compatible and available in Canon EF-mount.


4 AS IF UMC Aspherical Lenses also feature new UMC (Ultra Multi Coatings) which aid the very high level of light transmission, and adds further resistance to flare and ghosting. The 85mm F1. 4 lenses are manual focus primes, designed to give exceptional results at wide apertures.

Is a 14mm lens good for landscape?

With a 114 to 115.7-degree view (depending on the brand) when mounted on a full-frame camera, this lens works as well capturing vast landscape and nightscape images in a single shot as it does capturing environmental portraits in even the tightest of spaces (from as close as 11 inches between the lens and the subject).