Is Peter Pan an archetype?

Peter Pan Syndrome has origins in Greek mythology and is referred to as the archetype of the eternal child by Carl Jung.

What archetype is Russell from Up?

He acts as a mentor to Carl in many ways, teaching him compassion, patience, and how to have fun, among other things. This makes Russell the mentor archetype, even though he isn’t older or wiser than Carl. He teaches Carl important things & qualities that change him for the better.

What archetype is Gaston?

Gaston. The character is very self-centered.

What archetype is Wendy in Peter Pan?

Mother Figure She would make food for the boys and Peter, Wendy made clothing to keep her boys warm, and she gave them the love that they always wanted. For a young girl, Wendy was a fabulous mother who used her maternal instincts to keep her boys safe on the wild island of Neverland.

What archetype is Tinker Bell?

As an archetype, Tinker Bell represents impulsive provocative femininity. In positive terms, she is the model of the woman who is liberated, authentic, and devoid of pretense and hypocrisy. In negative terms, she is childish, undisciplined, irresponsible, and above all, dangerous.

What does Kevin symbolize in Up?

Just like the balloons, Kevin represents Carl’s confident, constructive mindset when he was with Ellie, before he was Sir Grumps-A-Lot, when he believed that adventure was not only out there, but it was a heck of a lot more fun with friends.

What do the balloons symbolize in Up?

The balloons in Up symbolize the wonderment and spirit of childhood. When we first meet Carl, he’s a kid toting a balloon with “The Spirit of Adventure” scrawled on it.

What archetype is Belle?

Belle also serves as the Mentor archetype in the story. She helps guide and steer the Beast toward a path of kindness and shows him ways to properly treat people. Through her, the Beast learns how to love, what it feels like to be loved and accepted for who he is, respect and kindness towards others.

What character archetype is Belle?

Belle is the hero (or the heroine) in the movie. She sacrifices her freedom for her father’s. She also saves the Beast from the Beast form (Grotesque) in the end.