Is Pau Gasol top 50 all time?

Pau Gasol’s game was never as flashy as those of some of the legends who were named to the top 75. He only cleared 20 points per game in two of his 18 NBA campaigns, but having two decades of steady contributions adds up. He’s top 50 all-time in career points, rebounds, blocks and wins over replacement player.

Who led the NBA in scoring 2015?

Stephen Curry
League Leaders

1. Stephen Curry • GSW 30.1
2. James Harden • HOU 29.0
3. Kevin Durant • OKC 28.2
4. DeMarcus Cousins • SAC 26.9
5. LeBron James • CLE 25.3

Is Reggie Miller a top 50 player?

There are eight former players whose careers began after the 50th Anniversary Team was announced: Allen, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce and Dwyane Wade. That leaves only six spots for guys like Miller who debuted before 1996 but weren’t on the top-50 list.

Who scored the most points in 2015?

James Harden
Since 2014-15, James Harden has scored the most points, with 16,808 points.

James Harden 571 86.4
Russell Westbrook 581 76.3
Damian Lillard 547 89.9
LeBron James 524 70.7

Is Vince Carter NBA 75?

Vince Carter voted the ultimate NBA 75 snub 🏀👇 The NBA’s 75th anniversary team was announced in late October and our latest bracket was about those who didn’t make the cut. Sixteen snubs entered our bracket and Vince Carter took down Dwight Howard in the final. VC: The ultimate NBA 75 snub. Thanks to all who voted!

Is Scottie Pippen top 75?

Scottie Pippen Reportedly Didn’t Attend The NBA’s Top 75 Ceremony Because He Didn’t Want Smoke From Michael Jordan. It’s not a secret that Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen aren’t on the best terms now, and it’s highly unlikely that they’ll ever make amends anytime soon.

Who led the league in steals 2015 16?

Playing for the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry led the NBA with an average of 2.1 steals in 79 games.

Where does Jerry West rank all time?

He tallied 25,192 points during his career, which currently places him No. 22 on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. However, West was the third most prolific scorer in league history when he retired in 1974. He also tallied 6,238 assists and 5,366 rebounds.

Who lead the NBA in steals in 2016?

2016-17 Regular Season

Rk Player (Team) Steals
1 John Wall (Wizards) 157
2 Draymond Green (Warriors) 154
3 Trevor Ariza (Rockets) 147
4 Jimmy Butler (Bulls) 143

Was James Harden in NBA 75?

33, James Harden evolved from sixth man into one of the NBA’s most gifted offensive players. Welcome to the NBA 75, The Athletic’s countdown of the 75 best players in NBA history, in honor of the league’s diamond anniversary.