Is Novex Insurance the same as Intact Insurance?

Founded in 1989, Novex Insurance Company specializes in group insurance and is a subsidiary of Intact Insurance. Originally, the company specialized in business insurance products for fire, marine, and casualty coverage.

Is Novex part of Intact Insurance?

Novex Insurance in the Sherwood Park Area Founded in 1989, Novex is a subsidiary of Intact Insurance, a wholly Canadian-owned company and the largest provider of home, auto, and business insurance in Canada.

Who is Sonnet insurance owned by?

Sonnet Insurance is an online insurance provider, owned by Economical Insurance group. Their presence is entirely online, with an easy to use website and app for your phone. With their online business model, they have a team of call center associates to help with questions and claims.

Who is the best insurer in Australia?

These are the top 10 car insurance companies in Australia

  • Youi.
  • Budget Direct.
  • Integrity Extended Warranties.
  • Real Insurance.
  • Eric Insurance.
  • Huddle Insurance.
  • Woolworths Insurance. Overall rating: 2.5 from 862 reviews.
  • State Government Insurance Office (SGIO) Overall rating: 2.5 from 258 reviews.

How do I contact Novex insurance?

Novex customers can call: 1-855-251-6978 or email [email protected].

What companies does Intact Financial own?


  • Intact Insurance.
  • RSA.
  • belairdirect.
  • Johnson.
  • BrokerLink.
  • Intact Prestige.
  • Intact Insurance Specialty Solutions.
  • On Side Restoration: In Canada, Intact provides repair and restoration services through its subsidiary On Side Restoration, a leading restoration company, restoring damaged homes and businesses.

Which insurance company is the best in Canada?

Here are the best car insurance companies in Canada for 2020 based on car insurance review website

  • Intact Insurance.
  • Desjardins.
  • Belairdirect.
  • Aviva.
  • TD Insurance.
  • Economical Insurance.
  • RSA Group. RSA Group has an overall Carsurance rating of four stars.
  • Sonnet.

Is AAMI better than Allianz?

AAMI comes out on top for this one, with $1,000 towards emergency repairs compared to Allianz’s benefit of $500. Emergency travel and accommodation costs. AAMI also has a higher benefit limit for this, providing you with $250 more than Allianz. Personal property.

How many clients does Intact Insurance have?

Intact Insurance is Canada’s largest home, auto and business insurance company, the choice of more than four million consumers.