Is it worth buying Bose Wave music system?

The Bose Wave Sound Touch Music System IV is a great addition to our living room where we like to listen to the radio or favorite CDs we’ve collected over the years. It is attractive and just the right size. Love being able to control the system from across the room with the remote control! Recommend this product.

Are Bose bringing out a new wave system?

A new generation of Bose audio systems is now available at B&H, with several of the Massachusetts company’s iconic Wave tabletop units receiving a major design refresh.

How much is a Bose Wave radio with CD player?

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Which is the best Bose Wave?

Sound Quality: What Bose does best Bose’s signature sound quality and tone is well represented by the Wave SoundTouch IV. Audio is clear and well-defined across the frequency spectrum, though there is a little less definition and thump in the bass than with the Home Speaker 500 and SoundLink Revolve+ that we reviewed.

Are Bose Wave radios any good?

If you ignore the price, you can arguably consider this Bose Radio the best tabletop radio available based on its amazing sound and versatility. It is packed with features yet still has a sharp-looking, compact build. Speaking of amazing sound, check out our review of the best speakers on the market.

Can I connect my Bose Wave radio to my TV?

A Bose Wave Sound System can be connected to a TV using an HDMI (ARC) cable, optical cable, auxiliary cable, or through Bluetooth. HDMI and optical cable connections are the best options and they provide the highest quality sound, but aux and Bluetooth still offer a connection option.

Can I connect external speakers to a Bose Wave radio?

This was designed as a fully integrated system to provide great sound without needing additional speakers, and therefore extra speakers cannot be added for expansion.