Is HPV and HPV4 the same?

The human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine contains inactivated virus. There are two vaccines available, a bivalent (HPV2), and a quadrivalent (HPV4) vaccine. HPV2 protects against HPV 16 and 18, HPV4 protects against HPV 6/11/16 and 18.

What is HPV4 vaccine for?

HPV vaccine has the potential to prevent more than 90% of HPV-attributable cancers. Since HPV vaccination was first recommended in 2006, infections with HPV types that cause most HPV cancers and genital warts have dropped 88% among teen girls and 81% among young adult women.

Should I get HPV9 if I have HPV4?

The answer is, I think you should. People who have already completed the three-dose HPV4 series should also get two doses of HPV9, separated by at least 6 months.

What is the difference between HPV4 and HPV9?

Gardasil (HPV4) provides protection against HPV types 6/11/16/18, Gardasil 9 (HPV9) provides protection against HPV types 6/11/16/18/31/33/45/52/58 and Cervarix (HPV2) provides protection against HPV types 16/18. See Table 4 for Health Canada–labelled indications.

How effective is HPV4 vaccine?

HPV4 has been shown to be almost 100% effective in preventing disease for young adult and adolescent females and males by the vaccine-included strains. “Data also shows an overall intent-to-treat effectiveness of nearly 70% to 75% in a general population on average for all pre-cancers and cancers caused by HPV.

Is HPV4 the same as HPV quadrivalent?

On October 16, 2009, the Food and Drug Administration licensed quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV4; Gardasil, Merck & Co. Inc.) for use in males aged 9 through 26 years for prevention of genital warts caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) types 6 and 11.

Can I have the HPV vaccine if I have HPV?

Yes. You should still get the HPV vaccine even if you have had an abnormal Pap test because even if you have been infected with HPV, it is not likely that you have been infected with all of the types that the vaccine protects against. So, you can still benefit from protection afforded by the HPV vaccine.

Is it OK to get the HPV vaccine twice?

Yes. If an HPV vaccine dose is administered at less than the recommended minimum interval then the dose should be repeated. The repeat third dose should be repeated 5 months after the first dose or 12 weeks after the invalid third dose, whichever is later.

What is the best HPV vaccine?

Gardasil 9 is an HPV vaccine approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and can be used for both girls and boys. This vaccine can prevent most cases of cervical cancer if the vaccine is given before girls or women are exposed to the virus. This vaccine can also prevent vaginal and vulvar cancer.

How long does the HPV4 vaccine last?

HPV4 vaccine safe, effective 8 years post-vaccination.

Can you still get HPV even if you had the vaccine?

If I got all necessary doses of the HPV vaccine, can I still develop genital warts? Yes, it is possible. Although the HPV vaccine protects against the two strains of HPV that most commonly cause genital warts, it will still only prevent about 9 of every 10 cases of genital warts.