Is Hisense fridge a good product?

It’s the question on everyone’s lips – and if our customer satisfaction ratings are anything to go by then yes– a Hisense fridge is worth the money. Hisense may be worth considering if you’re looking for: Cheaper upfront costs at the expense of higher electricity bills (in some cases)

Does Hisense mini fridge have a freezer?

Separate 1.0 cu. ft. freezer provides storage room for ice cream and frozen meals. The Adjustable Legs and Reversible Door design allow for placement of this Mini Refrigerator virtually anywhere you need it.

Is Hisense frost free?

Hisense Double Door Refrigerator With Frost Free Technology – 330litres – Silver.

Is Hisense a reliable brand?

Hisense TV is a good brand. Due to its competitive pricing, the franchise has grown in popularity over the years. Also, don’t be confused by the low prices, as it still boasts of offering high-end devices. Because of their quality, durability, and lengthy warranty, they are a popular household choice for many families.

Are Hisense fridges quiet?

The fridge is SUPER quiet, It barely makes a noise even when the compressor kicks in so thats awesome because I’ve had noisy fridges before.

How cold can a Hisense mini fridge get?


Temp. control Mechanical
Temperature range 36°F-46°F

Why is my Hisense fridge not cold?

Verify the temperature settings are correctly set. Make sure to avoid blocking airflow vents within the product with contains or stored food items as this may reduce cool airflow from being distributed evenly. Putting warm/hot food inside the fridge will also effect the temperature of the refrigerator.

How durable is Hisense freezer?

Durability. Hisense freezers are good quality because they come with compressors made with copper coils and the freezers usually have strong bodies that do not easily dent. This freezer is no exception. It should last at least 5 years without having faults.

Which is better frost or No Frost refrigerator?

Frost and no frost are types of refrigerators. Frost refrigerator requires manual defrosting. They are of smaller capacity and are more energy efficient compared to no frost models. Most frost refrigerators available in the market are of direct cool single door refrigerators.