Is Handsworth a good area?

However, there are places that should be considered no-go areas in Birmingham. These neighborhoods are plagued by gang violence (more on that below) and include Lozells, Handsworth, and Balsall Heath.

What is Handsworth famous for?

Musical legacy. Handsworth has produced some notable popular musical acts: Steel Pulse (whose first studio album Handsworth Revolution is named after the area), Joan Armatrading, Pato Banton, Benjamin Zephaniah, Swami, Apache Indian, Ruby Turner and Bhangra group B21.

What caused the Handsworth riots?

The riots were reportedly sparked by the arrest of a man near the Acapulco Cafe, Lozells and a police raid on the Villa Cross public house in the same area. Hundreds of people attacked police and property, looting and smashing, even setting off fire bombs.

Is Handsworth the same as Handsworth Wood?

Handsworth Wood was the woodland belonging to the manor of Handsworth and lay in the north of the manor.

Where is the roughest place in the West Midlands?

West Midlands Crime Statistics Out of all of the West Midlands’s larger towns and cities, West Bromwich is the most dangerous. The next most dangerous is Walsall, and Dudley comes in as third most dangerous.

Where should I not live in Birmingham?

Areas that tourists should avoid include Balsall Heath, Sparkbrook, Moseley, and Hockley. These areas aren’t recommended due to high rates of property damage and violent crimes being reported frequently. For those who are visiting for leisure or business purposes, Birmingham is generally safe and easy to travel around.

How old is Handsworth Birmingham?

Historically in the county of Staffordshire, it remained a small village from the 13th century to the 18th century. Accommodation was built for factory workers, the village quickly grew. Handsworth parish was transferred from Staffordshire to Warwickshire, and became part of Birmingham, in 1911.

How big is Handsworth?

Handsworth Ward is an inner city ward located to the north west of the city centre. It has a population of 11,733 making it the 40th most populous ward in the city. The ward has a younger age profile than the city as a whole and has a higher BAME population share.

What area in Birmingham has the highest crime rate?

the city centre
As with most big cities, crime in Birmingham is most concentrated in the city centre, where 1,029 crimes were reported in January 2017. Ladywood in the west also suffers from a high rate.

How did Handsworth get its name?

The name Handsworth originates from its Saxon owner Hondes and the Old English word weorthing, meaning farm or estate. Archaeological finds have dated Handsworth back to the Stone Age. The ancient parish of Handsworth was divided into two halves. The Perry Barr half lay on rising ground north-east of the River Tame.

How big is Handsworth Wood?

Well, Handsworth Wood is fortunate to have many parks and open spaces. Handsworth Park was opened by the 6th Earl of Dartmouth on 30 March 1898. It comprises of 63 acres (25 hectares) of landscaped grass slopes, including a large boating lake and a smaller lake fed by the Farcroft and Grove Brooks.