Is DealDash really legit?

DealDash is a legitimate website. And it is possible to sign up and purchase products at significant discounts. But remember: you need to pay money to enter each bid. And due to the amount of participants in each auction, the odds of a single bid winning a discount purchase are very low.

What is AuctionNinja?

AuctionNinja. Website. Trusted online marketplace for savvy estate sale shoppers & vintage treasure hunters.

Does DealDash have bots?

DealDash Audit Completed The scope of the engagement was to examine the auction records of DealDash to provide assurance that bids on auctions are placed by bona fide users, without the use of bots, shill bidding or bidding by employees.

Why DealDash is a ripoff?

“DealDash advertises its fake ‘brand name’ products at outrageously high retail prices —totally divorced from economic reality,” the complaint states. “In fact, consumers are betting on products that are not worth even half their advertised values, and in some cases, not worth one tenth of the advertised value.”

Why is DealDash so cheap?

DealDash runs one of such auction-based business models where it auctions products which eventually is bought by the customers at a comparatively lesser price than its actual price. The business model runs on a penny (bidding fee) auction strategy and offers the bids for as less as 20 cents.

How much does it cost to join DealDash?

It is FREE to join DealDash, and we have a 100% money back guarantee for your first bid pack purchase. For more information on DealDash and our auctions, please feel free to check out our Help Page.

Who is Kathy Speirs Puccio?

BRG is pleased to offer Day one of this extensive estate collection of luxury designer clothing, jewelry and accessories hailing from the estate of former supermodel and actress, Kathy Speirs-Puccio, who throughout her acting and modeling career (she graced multiple magazine covers in the 1970s including Cosmopolitan) …

How does auction Ninja bidding work?

AuctionNinja is a bidding platform whereby individual auction houses and estate sellers sell their merchandise, so AuctionNinja has no input in the pick-up arrangements made by vendors. Alternate arrangements are at the sole discretion of the auctioneer per their auction terms.

How much does DealDash really cost?

60 cents each
At DealDash, you can buy a pack of as few as 60 bids, or as many as 1,000, for 60 cents each. At Gankit, bids cost 55 cents each, with packages starting at $22 (or 40 bids).

Does DealDash charge a monthly fee?

No, there is no subscription fee and you only pay for the bids you buy.

How does DealDash sell so cheap?