Is David Eigenberg a real firefighter?

David Eigenberg is a former Marine Eigenberg joined “Chicago Fire” in its first season and has remained a main cast member since 2012. But long before he started serving the Windy City as a fictional firefighter, he devoted many of his early years to another branch of service — the Marines (via USO).

What is Hermans accent on Chicago Fire?

Apparently, Walker only speaks the way he does on the show while working and switches back to his normal accent later. During an interview with the Chicago Tribune, he said: “Between action and cut, I do American. And the rest of my life, I do British.” Hopefully, the voice coach will get a salary boost.

How tall is Herman Chicago Fire?

Notes and Trivia. Eigenberg’s height is 5′ 7½” (1.71 m). Has been married to Chrysti Eigenberg since 1st March 2003, they have one child together Louie Steven Eigenberg, born on January 19, 2009. He is a former high school wrestler and football player, and the only boy in a family of six children.

How old is Herman on Chicago Fire?

Chicago Fire’s Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann Fifty-six-year-old actor David Eigenberg portrays Fire House 51’s, Lieutenant Herrmann. Hermann has been a main character of Chicago Fire from the onset of the show, now in its ninth season on NBC. The middle-aged firefighter didn’t become a lieutenant until Season 7.

What happened to David Eigenberg?

Fans saw his character with hearing aids, but now show writers Julie Rottenberg and Elisa Zuritsky have revealed that David has also been battling hearing loss, inspiring the character’s development.

Does Chicago Fire Use real firefighters?

That’s because Ferraris is not only a hard-working on-screen first responder hauling hose, driving the squad truck, or executing high-risk, fictional rescues on “Chicago Fire” — he’s also a Chi-town firefighter in real life.

What happened to mouch Chicago Fire?

No, thankfully, Mouch is alive and well. There’s been some confusion over his fate, especially as reruns air, but the character’s only real brush with death came in the season 5 finale. The episode, titled “My Miracle”, sees Mouch trapped in a burning factory and suffering from a heart attack.

Why is Steve Brady deaf?

writers Julie Rottenberg and Elisa Zuritsky explained that Steve’s partial deafness was inspired by Eigenberg’s own hearing loss.

Is Eisenberg leaving Chicago Fire?

Luckily, Eigenberg isn’t leaving the One Chicago franchise. The actor made it clear in an interview with US Weekly, that his first commitment is to Chicago Fire, so he won’t be leaving the show any time soon.