Is Charles Barkley sponsored by Nike?

Sir Charles Barkley declared that he was not a role model in his infamous Nike commercial, but that did nothing to keep the sneakers he wore throughout his NBA career from becoming iconic. From the Air Force 180 to the Air Max2 CB 94, Barkley’s footwear helped create a lasting legacy as significant as his talent is.

Did Charles Barkley have signature shoes?

One bright spot for Chuck that season was that he got his first official signature shoe: The Air Force Max CB. The Air Force Max CB was a super heavy shoe built like a tank, like a Charles Barkley shoe should.

How much does TNT Pay Charles Barkley?

Post his playing days, Charles moved into the world of television. Charles Barkley’s TNT salary is a reported $1.5 million per-year. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that Charles Barkley’s 2022 net worth is $50 million.

Is Charles Barkley still married?

The former NBA star turned legendary broadcaster has been married to his wife, Maureen Blumhardt, for more than 30 years. Barkley and Blumhardt tied the knot 33 years ago. The happy couple resides in Arizona and has one child together, a daughter.

What size shoe does Shaq wear?

23Shaquille O’Neal / Shoe size

His size 22 shoe. However, during an FN interview last month, Shaq admitted that he is actually a size 20. “My shoe size is 20 but I like to wear a 22 because when I was young we couldn’t afford proper shoes so I had to wear my shoes tight,” he said. “[Now] I always get my shoes too big to make sure I have room.”

What sneakers did Rodman wear?


  • Converse All Star AS Rodmans player samples made exclusively for Dennis Rodman’s personal game use and worn during the 1997-1998 season.
  • Chicago Bulls colorway with white uppers, black overlay, and red accents.
  • Converse logos at the heel and outsole mimic Dennis Rodman’s sun tattoo.