Is CB300R discontinued?

The two-wheeler manufacturer discontinued CB300R in the country when we switched to the stricter BS6 emission norms. However, the company is now ready to bring this baby back to the country, with a BS6-compliant engine and a handful of other updates.

How fast is the Honda CB300R?

The CB300R 286cc engine produces a top speed of 95mph.

Does CB300R have traction control?

PERFECT BALANCE. The CB300R features a balanced 49.6/50.4 front/rear weight bias. That means you’re set up for unmatched sport riding, combining rear-wheel traction, front-end grip, and balanced braking forces.

Does CB300R have slipper clutch?

Adding to the reworked engine is an assist and slipper clutch, which works alongside the six-speed gearbox to provide smoother downshifts.

Why is CB300R discontinued?

Is CB300R still available in India?

The Honda CB300R was sold in India between February 2019 and April 2020, and was discontinued when BS6 regulations came in.

Is Honda CB300R good?

Bottom line: The CB300R is a good looking and affordable naked bike. It makes for a fun comfortable ride in the city due to its well-sorted compliant suspension, and good power for stoplight to stoplight zips.

Is the Honda CBR300R a good beginner bike?

If you’re under 6 feet tall and weigh less than 190lbs, the CBR300R is an excellent first foray into motorcycling. While it doesn’t have a lot of power, its 30-horsepower engine is more than sufficient to where it is best suited: city riding.

Is Honda CB300R a cafe racer?

The Neo Sports Café puts Japanese craftsmanship to work and brings together the two main components one looks for in a bike – style and performance. Adding a modern twist to the retro café-racer style, the new CB300R is built to give its rider the perfect BigBike to show-off all of his unique moves.

Where is the Honda CB300R made?

Honda CB300R

Manufacturer Honda
Production 2017 – Present
Assembly Thailand (A.P. Honda)
Predecessor Honda CB300F
Class Standard Naked bike