Is Camp Shelby open to the public?

It’s one of the largest mobilization stations of the US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), and it’s also the biggest reserve training facility. Since 1917, Camp Shelby has been an important support and training site that has continuously remained open.

What units are at Camp Shelby?

It is a training ground for the M1 Abrams Tank, Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and M109A6 Paladin Howitzers and home to the 177th Armored Brigade (Training Support).

Is Camp Shelby a Marine base?

The U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and National Guard have all trained at Camp Shelby. Today, the camp is the annual training spot for National Guard and Army Reserve units stationed in Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, but other units train there as well.

How long do you stay at Camp Shelby?

About Camp Shelby Time to complete this education training ranges from 1 week to 6 months depending on the qualification, with a median time to complete of 4.4 weeks.

What do they do at Camp Shelby?

It is a training ground for the Abrams M1 Tank, Paladin Howitzers and home to the 3rd Brigade 87th Division Training Support. Camp Shelby serves as a training site for National Guardsmen and Reservists from throughout the country hosting as many as 100,000 personnel annually.

Can you visit Camp Shelby?

The museum is designed for self-guided tours, but guests may request guided tours in advance at (601) 558-2757.

What is the largest military base in Mississippi?

Keesler AFB
There are four military bases in the state of Mississippi. The Army, Marines and Coast Guard have no bases in MS. Keesler AFB is the largest base in Mississippi with more than double the population of the second largest base.

What kind of base is Camp Shelby?

Camp Shelby is a military post whose North Gate is located at the southern boundary of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, on United States Highway 49. It is the largest state-owned training site in the nation.

Does Camp Shelby have a commissary?

(WDAM) – Active-duty soldiers and retired military are saving money at a new place to shop at Camp Shelby. A temporary commissary is open every third week of the month, from Thursday through Saturday. It sells groceries and household goods at discounted prices.

Does Camp Shelby have a PX?

The PX at #CampShelby will be closed January 25, 2021 for their annual inventory. Starting February 1, 2021 the PX will be open from 0800-1800.

Does Camp Shelby have a clothing and sales?

CAMP SHELBY, MS (WDAM) – Soldiers at Camp Shelby, along with military retirees and dependent family members, have a new place to shop and save money on clothing, electronics, snacks, magazines and other items.

Does camp mccain have a PX?

​Camp McCain Training Center is located approximately ten (10) miles south of Grenada, Mississippi and approximately three (3) miles east of Highway 51….Appointments.

Post Security 662.294.0060
Post Exchange (PX) 662.294.0070
​​• DSN ​293.7070
Billeting 662.294.0069
​​• DSN ​293.7069