Is Big Brother renewed for 2021?

Development. CBS announced that Big Brother had been renewed for a twenty-third season on October 28, 2020, with Chen Moonves confirmed to return as host on the same day. On May 13, 2021, it was announced that the season would be premiering on July 7, 2021.

Did Big Brother UK get Cancelled?

On 14 September 2018 (the day of the nineteenth and final series launch), Channel 5 announced that Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother would not be returning to the channel after the end of the series. The final series of Big Brother was won by Cameron Cole on 5 November 2018.

Is Big Brother getting Cancelled?

As of June 9, 2022, Big Brother has not been cancelled or renewed for a 24th season. Stay tuned for further updates.

Will there be a 24th season of Big Brother?

Another summer, another season of CBS’s BB! Welcome to the new season of Big Brother 24 heading our way in the summer of 2022 following the Celebrity BB season in February. It’ll be a busy year for BBUS and we’re here for all of it.

Will there be a Celebrity Big Brother in 2022?

Celebrity Big Brother 3 is the third season of the American reality television series Celebrity Big Brother. It premiered on February 2, 2022, on CBS.

Is there going to be a new Big Brother UK?

It isn’t yet confirmed for certain that Big Brother will be coming back to TV, but The Sun reports that TV executives are aiming to relaunch it next year. The revived Big Brother could make its debut in autumn 2023, after next year’s series of Love Island has finished.

Is Big Brother still running?

The series airs once a year, during the summer, except for the ninth season, which aired in the spring of 2008, and the Over the Top spinoff series broadcasting in fall 2016. Currently, 23 seasons of the show have aired, along with one digital season. Season 22 premiered on August 5, 2020.

Why did Jamar and Kyle get kicked off?

This week has been pretty pivotal, both inside and outside of the Big Brother house. At the beginning of the week, we found out that fellow player Jamar Lee was removed from the house for a breach of rules. He apparently made comments that made Rozendal, along with Vanessa Clements, feel threatened and unsafe.

Is Big Brother coming back this summer?

Big Brother 23 premiere is on Wednesday, July 7th at 8PM ET/PT for a 90-minute season launch followed by weekly episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (live) all at 8PM ET/PT each night. The series will be followed nightly by Love Island as CBS works to combo those two again this summer.

When’s the next new episode of Big Brother?

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