Is biedronka a polish?

Biedronka is a chain of supermarkets. It is the largest chain of discount shops in Poland with 2,823 stores as of 2017 and 67,000 employees (2019). It is owned by the Portuguese group Jerónimo Martins. The name “Biedronka” means “ladybird”, and a cartoon ladybird is the company’s logo.

Who owns Biedronka?

Jerónimo MartinsBiedronka / Parent organizationJerónimo Martins SGPS, SA is a Portuguese corporate group that operates in food distribution and specialised retail. It operates more than 4,900 stores in Portugal, Poland, and Colombia.
The group is the majority owner of Jerónimo Martins Retail, which operates the Pingo Doce super- and hypermarket chain in Portugal. Wikipedia

What is the meaning of Biedronka?

noun. ladybird, ladybug [noun] (American ˈladybug) a type of little round beetle, usually red with black spots.

How many stores does biedronka have in Poland?

3,250 stores
With over 3,250 stores spread throughout the country, we are the undisputed food retail leader in Poland, offering quality, differentiation and innovation in food products, with big discounts every day.

What is the biggest supermarket in Poland?

In 2020, Biedronka had the largest revenues of all retail chains in Poland, with a figure of over 61 billion zloty, followed by Eurocash and Lidl.

What is the most popular supermarket in Poland?

In 2021, the most popular store in the grocery category in Poland was Biedronka, followed by Lidl and Kaufland.

Is there a Costco in Poland?

Costco Wholesale Sp. z o.o. is based in Poland. The head office is in Warsaw. The company operates in the Supermarkets and Other Grocery (except Convenience) Stores sector.

Do they have Aldi in Poland?

The chain currently has 168 stores all over Poland. In 2021, ALDI will accelerate the pace of development compared to last year and will open about 45 new stores with a total area comparable to almost 9 football fields, i.e. 63,000 sq m.

Is there Aldi in Poland?

This is an incomplete list of supermarket chains in Poland….Major retail chains.

Retail chain Aldi
Type Supermarket
Number of stores 140
Headquarters Germany
Background / Notes There are no markets in certain regions.