Is AZ reading free?

I like that Reading A-Z offers a 14 day free trial and if you decide to purchase a license you have access to thousands of downloadable, projectable, printable teacher materials, covering all the skills necessary for effective reading instruction for up to 36 students per year for $99.

How much does reading AZ cost?

Pricing varies by Learning A-Z product. Products start at $99.95/classroom/year for Science A-Z and go up to $199.95/classroom/year for Headsprout A-Z, for a single classroom All Learning A-Z products offer volume discounts on pricing. Exact pricing can be determined on the company’s website.

Is Raz-plus free right now?

Free Mobile Access to Every Leveled eBook and eQuiz And with the Kids A-Z mobile app, Raz-Plus customers have free mobile access to every leveled eBook and corresponding eQuiz as well as thousands of other resources.

Is Raz-plus the same as reading AZ?

By combining the power of both Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids in one instructional interface, Raz-Plus provides a stronger connection between what is being taught and what students are practicing on their own. Provide standards-aligned reading instruction with more than 50,000 resources that develop key 21st century skills.

How much does Raz-kids cost?

For those interested, the base subscription cost is $99.95 for a one year subscription, which can be used for up to 36 students, which is a very reasonable price for all that they offer.

Is reading AZ a curriculum?

Reading A-Z is among the family of Learning A-Z websites providing affordable, online curriculum resources. Launched in January 2002, Reading A-Z now has more than 170,000 members and has won a number of educational awards for its innovation in reading instruction.

What does reading AZ include?

To help readers develop necessary foundational and key reading skills, Reading A-Z provides a variety of teaching materials, including a complete phonics program, alphabet and high-frequency resources, shared reading books, readers theater scripts, fluency passages, and various assessments.

Can you get Raz-Kids for free?

On top of being accessible 24/7 via the Web, Raz-Kids also delivers reading access through its free apps, meaning your students can read and take quizzes on their iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire tablets.

How long is Raz-plus free trial?

for two weeks
Your Raz-Plus Trial Adventure includes: Free access to Raz-Plus for two weeks.

How much does Raz-Kids cost?

Does reading AZ include Raz-Kids?

With our Learning A-Z Reading Solution that includes Reading A-Z and Raz-Kids, we merge instruction, practice, and assessment like no other solution.