Is Aggrieving a word?

verb (used with object), ag·grieved, ag·griev·ing. to oppress or wrong grievously; injure by injustice. to afflict with pain, anxiety, etc.

Is Rockingly a word?

1. To move back and forth or from side to side, especially gently or rhythmically. 2. To sway violently, as from a blow or shock.

What does the word Imperilled mean?

to place in danger or jeopardy
(transitive) to place in danger or jeopardy; endanger.

How do you use Aggrieve in a sentence?


  1. James was rather aggrieved at Cameron.
  2. He felt aggrieved at not being chosen for the team.
  3. The villagers felt deeply aggrieved by the closing of the railway station.
  4. She was aggrieved at the insult.
  5. One aggrieved customer complained that he still hadn’t received the book he had ordered several weeks ago.

What is the synonym of aggrieved?

adjectiveangry; hurt mentally. afflicted. aggrieved. annoyed. annoying.

How do you use imperiled in a sentence?

The toxic fumes imperiled the lives of the trapped miners. The financial health of the company was imperiled by a string of bad investments.

What does subverting our nation mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to overturn or overthrow from the foundation : ruin. 2 : to pervert or corrupt by an undermining of morals, allegiance, or faith.

What is the synonym of Aggrieve?

Some common synonyms of aggrieve are oppress, persecute, and wrong. While all these words mean “to injure unjustly or outrageously,” aggrieve implies suffering caused by an infringement or denial of rights.

Is aggrieved a feeling?

aggrieved. / (əˈɡriːvd) / adjective. feeling resentment at having been treated unjustly.

Who can be an aggrieved person?

In a significant observation, the Rajasthan High Court (Jodhpur Bench) has held that as per Section 2(a) of the Domestic Violence Act of 2005, the definition of ‘aggrieved person’, would include any woman including a foreign citizen, who is subjected to domestic violence.

What is aggrieved party?

aggrieved parties. DEFINITIONS1. a person or group of people that has suffered harm such as injury, financial loss, or damage to property.