Is a .40 or .357 SIG more powerful?

The 40 S&W has got the 357 SIG slightly beat out in terms of average bullet expansion, and the 357 SIG furthermore has a greater tendency to overpenetrate. A 357 SIG’s tendency to penetrate farther, however, may become an advantage when a target is shielded by a barrier like a car door or windshield.

Can a 40 cal shoot 357 SIG?

357 SIG is just a bottle-necked 40/10 mm caliber case, so your current magazines designed for those cartridges might work just fine. Smith & Wesson M&P magazines are marked with both . 40 S&W and . 357 SIG, so they work with either cartridge.

What is a 357 SIG comparable to?

357 SIG cartridge was patterned in part after its predecessors— It had a similar case length as 10mm and a bullet diameter equivalent to 9mm. As the name suggests, the . 357 SIG cartridge was designed to have similar ballistics to the . 357 Magnum cartridge, which would make it more powerful than 9mm and .

Is a 357 SIG worth it?

357 Sig is a great round, and if you wanted more power than 9mm, but without having to carry a larger-frame pistol like is necessary with 10mm or a revolver as is the case with . 357 Magnum, it’s definitely a great choice. The question of course is whether it’s really worth it in the end.

Is the 357 SIG obsolete?

Both the . 357 SIG and . 40 S&W were developed to improve terminal performance over the 1902 vintage 9mm Luger, but ultimately both have failed to replace it.

Is a 357 SIG hard to shoot?

Roberts mentioned, it’s got far more recoil than a 9mm along with a lot of muzzle blast and muzzle flash. It takes more effort and practice to shoot this caliber well. There’s also the practical issue of feeding the gun; these days, . 357 Sig practice ammo is about twice the cost of 9mm and around 50% more than .

Is the 357 SIG a good self-defense round?

357 SIG remains a very capable self-defense choice. Indeed, several law enforcement agencies continue to use the cartridge to this day in SIG P229 or Glock 31 handguns with a great deal of success. While there aren’t nearly as many good .

Does 357 SIG have stopping power?

Proponents of the 357 SIG will point to its higher muzzle velocity, muzzle energy, and stopping power as the primary reasons for selecting the 357 SIG as your self-defense ammo.

Can a 10mm shoot 40 Cal?

A revolver in 10mm Auto that utilizes moon clips will allow safely running the . 40 S&W, as the moon clip serves as the rim on straight-walled pistol case. It is advisable when running .