How to travel from Edmonton to Fort McMurray?

EBus Canada operates a bus from Edmonton, AB – Kingsway Transit Centre to Fort McMurray, AB once daily. Tickets cost $70 – $95 and the journey takes 5h 14m. Red Arrow also services this route 5 times a week. Alternatively, WestJet flies from Edmonton to Fort McMurray 6 times a week.

How long is it from Edmonton to Fort McMurray?

In good conditions, it will take just under five hours to drive the 436kms between Edmonton to Fort McMurray. You will start out on Highway 28A, then onto Highway 28 and finally, Highway 63 will get you to your destination.

Is Fort McMurray close to Edmonton?

The total driving distance from Edmonton, Canada to Fort McMurray, Canada is 276 miles or 444 kilometers. Your trip begins in Edmonton, Canada.

Is there a railway to Fort McMurray?

The Athabasca Northern Railway (reporting mark ANY) is a shortline railway in Alberta, Canada. Originally built as the Alberta and Great Waterways Railway between 1909 and 1925, the line runs 325 kilometres (200 mi) between Boyle, Alberta and Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Is there a bus from Fort McMurray to Edmonton?

Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Fort McMurray, AB – 8102 Fraser Ave and arriving at Edmonton, AB – Cold Shot Passenger Terminal. Services depart twice daily, and operate Monday to Saturday. The journey takes approximately 4h 40m.

Does red arrow go to Fort McMurray?

Red Arrow offers you value in our bus fares and bus schedules so you can easily plan and book a trip by bus from Edmonton to Fort McMurray. We make it our job to connect you when you need bus service. From one-way or return bus tickets to flex passes, we offer a wide range of bus services to best suit your needs.

Do Cold Shot buses have bathrooms?

What amenities are available on Cold Shot buses? Cold Shot buses have a bathroom on board, especially on longer journeys.

Does Cold Shot have WiFi?

Standard Amenities. Cold Shot offers high-quality travel at a reasonable price. Passengers can expect air conditioning on the buses as well as reclining seats. USB outlets and WiFi are also standard.

Whats a cold shot mean?

1 : round shotlike particles formed by a cold shut in a metal casting. 2 : cold shut sense 1. cold-shot.

Does red arrow go to Cold Lake?

Red Arrow operates a bus from Edmonton Downtown Office to Cold Lake, AB – Esso on demand. Tickets cost $55 – $80 and the journey takes 4h 32m. Cold Shot also services this route 4 times a week.