How tall is a 20 oz Tervis Tumbler?

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Tervis Slider Lid For 12 oz and 20 oz Stainless
Dimensions 3.45” top diameter, 3.08″ bottom diameter, .87” height
Other Colors Available
Use & Care Dishwasher safe – top rack only. Do not microwave.

How tall is a 24 oz Tervis Tumbler?

6″ 7.875″
Dishwasher Safe

16oz Tumbler 24oz Tumbler
Height 6″ 7.875″
Width Top 3.375″ 3.875″
Width Bottom 2.625″ 2.625″
Double Wall Insulation

What size is my Tervis?

24 oz Tumbler | Tervis.

How long does ice last in Tervis?

Triple insulation reduces condensation and keeps your drink hot for up to 8 hours or cold for up to 24 hours (use caution with hot liquids)….Product information.

Product Dimensions 3.57 x 3.45 x 7.05 inches
Customer Reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars 69 ratings 4.6 out of 5 stars

How tall is a 16 oz tumbler?

Capacity: 16 oz. Dimensions: 3.46 x 3.46 x 6.89.

What size are tumblers?

The standard size mug capacity in the US is still listed as 8-12 oz. However, one might conclude from coffee culture and Starbucks speak that this range could easily be updated to more like 12-20 oz. Until then, caffeinate often, promote shamelessly, and resist the lure of the trenta.

How tall is a 24 oz cup?

5 1/2 inches tall
This 24-oz. cup will hold 24 ounces to the brim. It measures 5 1/2 inches tall. These cups have a 3 3/4-inch diameter across the top and 2 1/2-inch diameter base.

How tall is a 16 oz tervis?

6″ tall
Product Description Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. Holds 16 oz. Measures 6″ tall x 3 3/8″ in diameter.

What do the lines on a Tervis Cup mean?

There are also ounce lines on the bottles to help you keep track of how much water or liquid you have drunk. Which again, helps me make sure I drink enough water during the day. This bottle never leaves my side, even when I am at home. Tervis also offers a Made for Life Guarantee.

What tumbler holds ice the longest?

Test: Which insulated cup keeps ice frozen longest?

  • Yeti – Around $35 dollars.
  • Corkscile – Pushing $30.
  • RTIC (pronounced arctic) – Around $13.
  • Ozark Trail (Walmart) – Around $13.
  • Hydra – Just under $9.

How tall is a 20 oz tumbler?

Capacity: 20 oz. Height: 6.875” Mouth width: 3.5” Base width: 2.75”