How old is Sahiba Rambo?

50 years (March 13, 1972)Sahiba Afzal / Age

How many kids Rambo and Sahiba has?

Rambo is married and living with wife Sahiba and two sons.

What is the real name of Sahiba?

She is mainly known by her stage name Rani Chatterjee but did you know her real name? Her real name is Sahiba. Apart with her acting prowess, Rani is also a fitness freak and often shares her workout video on social media to motivate fans. Till date, she has worked with almost all the big star of Bhojpuri cinema.

Who is father of Sahiba?

Inam RabbaniSahiba Afzal / Father

When did Sahiba get married?

1997 (Afzal Khan)Sahiba Afzal / Wedding date

Who is Sahiba’s mother?

NishoSahiba Afzal / Mother

How old is Mirza Sahiba story?

The 17th century story was first seen on the silver screen in 1939 and was directed by lyricist D N Madhok. In the following years it was recreated several times as Mirza Sahibaan (1947), Mirza Sahiba (1957), Mirza Jat (1967) and Mirza: The untold story (2012).

What happened to Sahiba after Mirza died?

Aghast at what had happened, she jumped on to Mirza’s dead body, letting the arrow pierce her as well. As the brothers closed in on them, both Mirza and Sahiba died a silent death. The tale of Mirza-Sahiba is often regarded as the last love story known from Punjab.

Is Sohni Mahiwal a true story?

Story. In the 18th century (late Mughal period), the beautiful girl Sohni was born to a potter named Tulla (Toolha). They were from the Kumhar caste, and lived in Gujrat, Punjab. At the time, Gujrat, on the river Chenab, was a caravanserai on the trade route between Bukhara and Delhi.

Is Mirza Sahiba real?

Mirza and Sahiba grew up together in a small town, Khewa in erstwhile Punjab, now Pakistan. Mirza was the son of Fateh Bibi while Sahiba was the daughter of Khewa Khan. Mirza’s parents had sent him to a nearby village for his education and that is how he came to live at Sahiba’s house.